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To build your guitar skills, you need the right tools for the job, like guitar chords and other “nuts and bolts” stuff that make learning fun and productive for both beginning and more advanced players...

...chord charts…chord diagrams…song chords…“How-to” guides… guitar lesson resources…free tools and utilities like tuners, metronomes, and chord finders. But how can you easily find this kind of useful, proven information in a sea of guitar websites and books?

Get the good stuff here. Guitar Player's Toolbox delivers the practical tools, tips, and info that will help you become a better guitar player, whether you are just beginning, or already have some decent skills under your belt:

How to: Read Tabulature | Use Chord Diagrams | Get Free Chord Charts
Learn: Basic Guitar Chords | How to Play Guitar | Guitar Articles
Chord Charts: Basic Guitar Chord Charts | Ultimate Guitar Chord Chart
Lessons: Your Options | What to Look For | Online Lessons Guide
Tools and Utilities: Online Tuner | Metronome | Chord Finder
Guitar Info: Electric Guitars | Gear Guide | Newsletter

We don’t seek to duplicate the many great guitar tab, lesson, music theory, and gear websites out there. Instead, we complement these sites by offering specific, practical tools and “how-to” information you can put to use immediately.

So get started now. Find the tools you need to become a better guitar player here at Guitar Player’s Toolbox.

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What's New at Guitar Players Toolbox
The latest updates on tips, tools, and resources to become a better guitar player. Guitar chords, charts, lessons, and easy songs, and more.
Download Free Learn Guitar Guide
Free guitar playing guide. Download this free ebook "7 Steps to Success on the Guitar" in PDF format with practical tips to learn guitar. Perfect for beginners and intermediate players.
Free Blues Guitar Backing Tracks
Get 5 professional quality blues guitar backing tracks at no cost! Download these free MP3 backing tracks and start jamming now. Includes cheat sheet with scale diagrams.
Guitar Lesson Reviews , Compaints and User Feedback
We researched and compliled a directory of guitar lesson reviews to help you in decision process. Covers all major categories including beginner courses, styles, advanced techniques, songs, and more
Webinar : 7 Steps to Success on Guitar
Join this free webinar "7 Steps to Success on the Guitar" featuring guitar pro Keith Dean. Get practical strategies and tips to make learning guitar as an adult faster, easier, and more fun.
Guitar Lesson Videos - Rock, Blues, Basics, and more
Check out this wide selecton of free guitar lesson videos by professional instructiors. Includes basic and advanced lessons in technique, rock , blues, country, fingerpicking, and much more.
Free Guitar Lessons for Beginners -video lessons to get you playing guitar fast!
These free guitar lessons for beginners videos will help you effectively learn to play guitar and develop solid foundational skills.
Online Video Guitar Lesson - get the best free ones.
These online video guitar lesson will help you learn to play guitar for free.
Jamorama Review - Reliable Review of The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit, Jamorama
Considering the Jamorama guitar learning course? Read a Jamorama review here based an a thorough and objective evaluation.
Beginner Guitar Chords - Learn Simple Chords
Learn simple Beginner Guitar Chords in this six part series of chord charts. See how to play basic major, minor, and 7th chords as well some more exotic ones that are still easy to play.
Guitar chord charts - Where to get them free.
Get guitar chord charts customized to your needs, free and printable!
Diagrams of guitar chords --everything you need to know.
Diagrams of guitar chords are one of the best tools for guitar players. Learn how to read chord diagrams, and get tips on using them in chord charts to help become a better player.
Here is the Ultimate Guitar Chord Chart
Looking for the Ultimate Guitar Chord Chart? Download a free, printable chart with more than 1200 guitar chords from the Guitar Player's Toolbox.
Basic Guitar Chords
These basic guitar chords are clearly shown in easy to read diagrams. These are the basic, easy to learn chords for that every guitar player needs to know. Open the Guitar Player's Toolbox!
Basic Guitar Chord Charts - printable and free
Get a free, basic guitar chord charts. Download and print for free at the Guitar Player's Toolbox. These chords are easy to learn and will get you going.
The Discount Guitar Shop - Get the Lowest Prices on the Best Guitars
Visit the online Discount Guitar Shop at Guitar Players Toolbox for best deals on top name brand guitars, amps, and accessories from leading brands like Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Yamaha, and many more.
Guitar Gifts - find that perfect gift for the guitar player
Advice on guitar gifts. Available for purchase online at lowest prices from leading online music stores with great service.
Easy Guitar Tabs for Popular Rock Songs
Get easy guitar tabs for a wide variety of popular songs from bands such as the Beatles, U2, Nirvana, Neil Yong, Weezer, Tom Petty, Cold Play, and many more.
Easy Acoustic Guitar Tabs
Learn to play 12 easy acoustic guitar tabs. Play along with interactive guitar tabs. This is a free resource from Guitar Players Toolbox.
Guitar Song Chords and Tabs
Check out these guitar song chords tabs- these lessons, videos, chord charts and sheet music will show you how to play some great songs like Back in Black, Carry On Wayward Son, and Neil Young hits
Guitar tabs - how to read.
Read this to learn about guitar tabs - how to read it, how it compares to standard musical notation.
Practical guitar tools and resources to help you play better.
We have gathered a variety of useful guitar tools, resources, articles, and guides in one place.
Get a free metronome online , free at the Guitar Player's Toolbox.
Learn tips for using a metronome to improve your guitar skills, and where to download a free metronome online .
Printable Chart of Guitar Chords. Yours to download and print for free.
Get a variety of printable chart of guitar chords. Basic guitar chord chart, Ultimate Guitar Chord Chart, chord family charts, plus more.
Access these free guitar chord finder to learn chords.
Get the best guitar chord finder here. See how to finger any chord. Get this free online chord finder utilities in the Guitar Player's Toolbox.
Online Guitar Tuner
Tune your guitar with a free online guitar tuner
Guitar Articles
These guitar articles will give you Ideas, Tips, and Tools to help you be a better guitar player. Topics include guitar chords, guitar chord charts, song chords.
The Top 100 Guitarists of All Time. Who's your pick?
Who are the Top 100 Guitarists of All Time? Check out this list of the 100 greatest guitarists, and weigh in on it too with your favorite!
The Electric Guitar- History, How it Works, Types
A complete write-up of the Electric Guitar- how it works, its history, and the major types of electic guitars. A great overview.
Free Guitar Catalogs and Guitar Gear Buying Guide
Simplify your guitar gear buying with this free checklist: 10 Tips for Buying the Guitar Gear That's Right for You. Free guitar catalogs. How to get the most for your money.
Contact Guitar Player's Tool Box
Let Guitar Player's Toolbox know what additonal guitar content and tools you'd like to see here! Info related to guitar chords, chord charts, and free tools to help you become a better guitar player.
Free guitar chords and tabs search engine
Use this page to quickly find free guitar chords, charts, tabs and more guitar playing resources.
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If you play guitar, The Guitar Players Toolbox Newsletter is for you. This free newsletter is delivered to your email box monthly with new tips and tools to help improve your playing.
Guitar News
Get the latest guitar news from Harmony Central and other leading guitar news sources.
Guitar Problems - Common Questions and Answers about Learning Guitar
Guitar Problems and Questions Face Every Beginning and Advancing Guitar Player. Enter your question here and get answers.

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