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New Guitar Video Lesson- Arpeggios
November 29, 2007

Greetings from the Guitar Player’s Toolbox!

My practice is to provide only practical, quality resources to help you play guitar better. I came across a video lesson today on arpeggios that I think you’ll enjoy.

Arpeggios are a relatively easy and very useful technique to add some melodic flow to all styles of playing. And since questions about WHAT arpeggios are and HOW they're used are so common, I decided to share the video with you...

Click here to see the Video

This video comes from Dan Denley's new Acoustic Guitar Secrets course (coming December 12, 2007). In it, Dan teaches you how to play a very cool sounding piece called “Winter Nights” -- a printable tab is included.

He's actually released several videos from the course. So, if you like this one, be sure to sign up for more (instructions below the video).

Play Well!

Peter Bussey
Guitar Player’s Toolbox

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