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Guitar Players toolbox Update -- Dec 2007
December 29, 2007
Hi ,

Season’s Greetings from the Guitar Players Toolbox Update! Each month we bring you tips, tools and resources to become a better guitar player, and have more fun at it. Topics in this issue include:

* Beginner Guitar Chords- 6 charts with 40 easy to play chords
* Free Guitar Video Lessons- 12 songs and skill topics
* Backing Tracks – jam with hundreds of free backing tracks
* Enter to Win $50 Gift Certificate from

Chords Resource -- Beginner Guitar Chords

If you are a novice or beginner still learning some of the basic chords, check out this set of 6 chord charts with 40 fairly easy to play chords:

View Beginner Guitar Chord Charts

Lesson Resource -- Free Guitar Video Lessons

This is an excellent compilation of 12 video lessons all in one place covering songs (e.g. AC/DC Back in Black, RHCP Under the Bridge); beginner skills (e.g. Barre Chords, Hammer-ons), and intermediate kills (e.g Tapping, Tremalo Picking):

Acess 12 Free Video Lessons

Partner Resource -- Christmas Special 50% Off Sale

This is a great deal if you are serious about learning to play in a systematic way, or if you are an advanced beginner or intermediate looking to fill some skill gaps. One of the top guitar learning packages, Jamorama, is on sale for only $19.95! (The regular price is $39.95). This is billed as a “Christmas Day-only Special”, but the sales price is still being offered on the Jamorama site as of 4:45 pm EST on Dec 29th. So check this out ASAP and pick it up at a 50% discount before it goes back to regular price. (Don't say I didn't warn you!). Can you say bargain?

Jamorama Christmas Special 50% off sale

Practice Resource -- Free Downloadable Backing Tracks

It’s always fun, not to mention good practice, to jam with other musicians, or using recorded backing tracks. The GuitarBT site offers hundreds of free, downloadable backing tracks in mp3 format. There are jam tracks for various styles (e.g, blues, rock) and for specific songs;

Complete List: of Backing Tracks

Musical style jam tracks

Examples of a song backing track: Cream’s “White Room”

Enter to Win a $50 Gift Certificate

Guitar Player’s Toolbox is giving away a $50 gift certificate to online music store and guitar shop. To be eligible to win, you just need to complete a quick 2 minute online survey that will help us deliver better content and resources to you. Get all the details here:

Enter to Win a $50 Gift Certificate


That’s it for this issue. I hope you picked up something useful that will help you be a better guitar player!

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year,

Peter Bussey
Guitar Players Toolbox Update

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