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Guitar Players Toolbox Update - Oct 2009
October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!  

In this month's issue, we're featuring guitar lesson videos. Video has become the preferred mode of online guitar instruction.   The ability to see the instructor breakdown a song step-by-step,  and to be able to replay it is very useful. 

Check out the video lessons below...they include style lessons, technique lessons, and song lessons.  Although they are professionally made with expert instructors, they are free. Chances are you'll find something of interest to you.  Enjoy!

1. Rhythm Guitar Keith Richards Style this lesson will show you how to play a chord progression in the style of Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.

2. Beginning Fingerpicking Acoustic Guitar - this one shows you exactly how to play a simple yet highly versatile 4 step fingerstyle pattern.

3. Blues Improvisation teaches you how to improvise solos in three scales over 12 bar blues and other progressions.

4. Song Lesson: "What I Like About You" by the Romantics This one teaches you the catchy opening chord-based riff this popular song.

5. Song Lesson: "Carry on Wayward Son" by Kansas - How to play the famous opening / main riff for this classic rock song. A must-know for classic rock guitarists!

Each of these lessons includes video instruction by a professional guitar teacher and complete tab / notation. I hope one or more of these lessons are useful to you. Have fun!

For more free video lessons, check out this collection of 24 guitar lessons. covering additional styles and techniques.

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All the best for a safe and fun Halloween!

Play well!

Peter Bussey
Guitar Players Toolbox

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