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Many people visit this website ( to get information to help them learn how to play guitar, and to take their skills to the next level. As an amateur guitarist myself, I can relate to the challenges and frustrations that come with learning to play, and enjoy sharing information with others going down the same path.

All of the information provided on this site is freely available to any visitor without cost. There is no membership fee or other fee charged to access the information on this site. I’m glad to put in the time, effort, and expense to make this site available as a free resource. It's a hobby for me, and something I enjoy.

Based on the subject of this website, among the topics covered are reviews or commentaries on commercially available products that are involved with learning and playing guitar. These include guitar instruction courses, sheet music, guitars, and related musical gear. Sometimes I endorse or recommend products for which I have an affiliate relationship with the vendor.

This means that if a visitor to this website clicks on a link that leads to third party vendor and a purchase is made, I may get paid an affiliate commission (i.e., a referral fee) by the vendor for sending business their way. (although this is not always so). This is a win for everyone: you the visitor gets the product or service you want, the vendor makes a sales, and I get a small piece of the vendor’s pie to off-set my expenses in running the site.

I take making any product recommendation very seriously, and am not influenced by the vendor in making any recommendations. In most cases, I buy the product, personally use it, and evaluate it in order to make a recommendation. I make every effort to be objective, and point out both the pros and cons. I will only recommend a product after having used it, or at least researched it thoroughly. In a few cases, I’ve received an evaluation copy of a product without cost, but this is unusual. There are enough high quality products available that there is no incentive or motivation to promote a crappy product. When I do encounter one of these, I just don’t recommend it.

Guitar instructional courses and online membership sites are the main area where I evaluate products, make recommendations, and potentially earn an affiliate referral fee. The main ones are: Learn and Master Guitar, Jamorama, Guitar Tricks, JamPlay, and Adult Guitar Lessons. These are all high quality products from reputable vendors, and I recommend them without hesitation as potentially a good choice depending on the individual situation. (This is why I make sure to cover the features, and the pros and help you judge if it's right for you).

To the extent there are any testimonials or endorsements on this site claimed to be by actual customers / users of a product, these are to the best of my knowledge real and accurate testimonials. They usually come from the product vendor's website, or else from one of my visitors.

You may also notice there are some text and image advertisements on this website. Some of them are Google Adsense ads, or other contextual ads, and are labeled as such. Google or the ad broker decides what ads to place in these spots, and I do not personally endorse or recommend the advertised products or services. There are also some banner and image ads for products I have an affiliate relationship with, in particular Learn and Master Guitar and Guitar Tricks. With these ads, I'm promoting these products, although not providing an endorsement per se with these ads.

So in the spirit if open disclosure, and also in compliance with FTC requirements ;-), I wanted to let my visitors know about these affiliate relationships and the possibility of me earning some beer money if you happen to decide to buy a product I recommend after visiting this site. You can be confident that any recommendation or evaluation of a product is based on a good faith effort to be objective, and that I only recommend products I believe are a good value.

As with any purchase, research and due diligence should be performed by the buyer. Feel free to use my opinion as a guide, but in the end of course you make your own decision. This should be a little easier to do, because just about all the products I recommend on this website have a 60 day or better no-questions asked money-back guarantee, and the vendors have good reputations for customer service and satisfaction.

OK, so much for my affiliate disclosure. Check out the site and good luck with your guitar playing!


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