Alvarez RD8 Guitar

A Beginners Acoustic Guitar that Doesn't Sound Like It!

Alvarex RD8 guitar

Who says a beginner's guitar needs to sound like one? The Alvarez RD8 guitar is an affordable first (or second guitar) by one of the most well-respected guitar-makers. Alvarez somehow managed to keep the cost down and the quality up with this model

Alvarez has earned a strong reputation for making high-quality instruments at reasonable prices: they are known for value. This guitar is part of the Alvarez Regent Series. It makes the traditional workmanship Alvarez is known for accessible to beginning guitarists.

This good-looking guitar features a select spruce top, genuine rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and mahogany back and sides. The quality construction and materials keep going with a top binding and an unique bridge shape, chrome die-cast tuners and an innovative pickguard design that combine to make the RD8 an eye- and ear-pleasing instrument.

The RD8 features:

* Body is Dreadnought style
* Back and Sides are Mahogany
* Top is of Select Spruce
* Rosewood Fingerboard with Dot inlays
* Soundhole decorative Rosette is Acrylic Pearl
* Chrome Die Cast Tuners
* Natural finish

This guitar has tone and sound projection not normally found in an entry level instrument. This acoustic guitar includes a hardshell case to protect your investment.

If you are just starting out, or need to upgrade from a marginal quality first guitar, the Alvarez RD8 guitar is well worth considering due to its quality construction, attractive design, and impressive sound at a reasonable price point. It will help any student of the guitar to advance and sound good in the process!

Check out all the features: Alvarez RD8 Acoustic Guitar and Case, Natural

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