Andres Segovia Hands Down Period. Robert Johnson#2

by SCR
(Los Angeles)

Andres Segovia is the only True Maestro or Master. He Put Guitar on the World Map. From a Pure Talent Standpoint He Crushes all. His ability to Teach was second to none. Segovia got more People in his lifetime to pickup a Guitar & play than any single individual Guitar Player in History.

Jimi Hendrix does not belong on the Top 10. Alot of Guitarist better than him, especially classically.

Robert Johnson altho in his time they say short willie brown was the better
musician, albeit no recordings of him. Robert Johnson is the Man. His off timing while actually playing in time was something else. 90+% of Todays Popular Music Exist because of RJ. Thank God for the Mississippi Delta Blues. Also RJ Learned from a guy Ike Zinermon. No Recordings of Ike. Would've Loved to have heard the man who taught RJ. Ike must've been something else.

1. Andres Segovia- True Guitar Maestro.
2. Robert Johnson- Greatest Delta Blues Guitarist.
3. Paco De Lucia- Flamenco/Classical Badass.
4. Al Dimeola - Amazing Phenom.
5. Stanley Jordan- Jaw Dropping Jazz Fusion.
6. Stevie Ray Vaughn- Knarly Blues.
7. Randy Rhoads- Classically Trained Badass who died waaay to early. RIP!!!
8. Steve Vai- Electric Guitar Genious.
9. Joe Satchriani- Like Steve Vai.
10. Chester Barnett aka (Howlin Wolf) Greatest Slide Guitarist in Human History.

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Dec 09, 2011
Shawn Lane NEW
by: Anonymous

Only problem with the list is that the late master Shawn Lane is not on the list, it's very good, but he was such a gifted player and was only given a short amount of time to show his true skill.

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