Angus Young, Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Paige, Joe Perry, Ronnie Wood, and of course KEITH RICHARDS!!

by Slither

1.okay keith richards can really make the guitar sing and flow and mix with the vocals in such a way that your mesmerised!

2. Ronnie wood ,,,,, well what can i say keith and ronnie together makes for a dynamic duo! they really wail together!!
3. Joe Perry.... do i need to say more? He is a toxic twin forever, to me he is a guitar god who taught everyone a lesson on rock and roll
4. Jimmy Paige definatley gave people a new perspective on how we view music, Stairway to Heaven is a classic that never seems to fail in it's magic no matter how much you listen to it.
5. Jimi hendrix, well anyone that can make such soulful music on acid all the time is extremely amazing. Machine gun is a beautiful song and purple haze too!
6.Slash, well instead of acid it was heroine, and he was the guitarist that changed my life,,,, wow that sounded REALLY dramatic lol, no he changed my whole veiw of life... no matter how much crap there is in life there is always a flower underneath the dust and an arm to hide from the cold novenber rain.... straight from his lips... my favourite quote
7.Eddie van halen is a favourite of mine because van halen's music is fun and that's what rock n roll is all about! it isn't about attitude, it's about having a good time
8.Angus Young because again he is so fun he runs around stage and really commits to the love of rock and roll and the music AC/DC makes is really crazy listening to when your just, just rockin out dude!

Victoria Rothe--- AKA SLITHER future guitar god!

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