Angus young

by Bryan
(Fayetteville, nc, usa)

Has to be angus man! Definately his bro Malcolm is the greatest rythym guitarist ever. They redefined what rock was and still is! I mean the guys are like in their upper 50s and still are capable of producing a #1 slbum in like 27 countries if i remember correctly (black ice). Even though angus doesnt get alot of credit for his skills because 1 acdc plays as a band and take away one part of that equation and its not the same and 2 "they use the same chords". He has written some of the most recognizable riffs (back in black, tnt, highway to hell, hells bells, whole lotta rosie, rock n roll aint noise pollution, shook me all night long, thunderstruck, rock n roll train) and some of the best solos ever! (back in black, let there be rock, hells bells, shook me all night long, thunderstruck, highway to hell) say what you want about the simplicity of his style, but the man learned pretty much on his own, was rocking at age 16 in a band and helped form the greatest rock band at age 18. Angus does now, then and forever rock!

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