Beginner Guitar Chords - Part 2

Easier Substututes for Basic Barre Chords

There are some beginner guitar chords that are considerably tougher to play than others. These chords rountinely give someone who is just learning some trouble in terms of proper fingering and transitioning to these chords. The F major chord is a big culprit, along with B flat,B, F#, and G for example.

The source of the difficulty is trying to use a Barre chord form in which the index finger is placed across the fretboard to hold down multiple strings. This does not come easily.

One work-around is to use the same basic chord but in an inversion in which the chords root note is not the bass note. This form removed the need to form a Barre chord, and still gives a pretty good sound.

Some Easier Basic Barre Chord Substitutes

Beginner Guitar Chords 2

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