Beginner Guitar Chords -- Part 6

Some More Exotic Chords for Beginners

So far, the beginner guitar chords we have covered are pretty basic: major, minor, and 7th chords. Who says beginners can't play some more exotic and interesting sounding chords as well?

The chart below shows some examples of open chords (no Barre chord technique needed) that will give you a taste of some of the more interesting chords you will learn as you advance. All of these chords have fairly easy finger positions with only two or three strings to be pressed down.

So try out these chords and expand your horizons with this set of petty cool chords for beginners. If you have gone through all six parts of our beginner chord series, you will now have about 45 chords under your belt! Congats!

Beginner Guitar Chords

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