Black Friday Guitar Deals

Use these coupons to save on lessons, guitars, and gear

Yes, there are plenty of Black Friday Guitar Deals available! Use these links and coupons to save on the leading guitar lesson course available, and brand-name guitars, amps, and gear.

$100 plus 15% off the Learn and Master Guitar Course

Use this link for the $100 off the regular price of the leading learn guitar home study course for the Black Friday sale event. When checking out, use promo code BLACK01 to get an additional 15% off!

Learn and Master Guitar

$89 for a Previously Viewed Copy of Learn and Master Guitar

If you want a real bargain, check this out: you can get a used / "previously viewed" copy of Learn and Master Guitar for only $89! This is a savings of over $100 off the regular sales price of $199! These are returns or promo copies that have been viewed, but are complete and perfectly usable. This is a great value for the bargain hunter.

Enter promo code USED89 to get an additional $10 off.

Used Guitar Courses $99

Blues Guitar Spotlight Series - home study course

The Learn and Master Guitar Blues Guitar "Spotlight Series" was just being released. Using this link, you can get it for 20% off the regular selling price.

Enter promo code TURKEYGONE on the checkout page to get the 20% off.

Learn and Master Spotlight Series: Blues Guitar

Discounts on all Guitar, Amps, and Gear from Muscian's Friend

The leading on-line guitar and music retailer is offering some attractive discounts on all guitars, amps, accessories, and gear. You can use this for whatever you want, and save up to 15% or $500. Enter promo code MFBF.

Black Friday Deal Center at

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