Blues Guitar Backing Tracks

Free mp3 backing tracks for guitar practice

Looking for blues guitar backing tracks? Below you’ll find five free mp3 backing tracks that can be downloaded for your personal use. (note: no commercial re-use permitted!)

Using backing tracks for guitar practice is one of the most fun and productive ways to hone your skills. You might say it’s the next best thing to playing in a live band!

These blues guitar backing tracks are made available by Guitar Players Toolbox without charge. You may download and keep them for your musical enjoyment and improvement.

The tracks are in E, A, and G major keys. Most are 12 bar blues progressions, one is an 8 bar blues. A cheat sheet is provided with suggestions of what scales to play with each track, including a visual fretboard diagram showing root notes and all notes in the scale.

3 Tips for Using the Backing Tracks

1. Understand the chord progression used in the track. If you know the 12 bar blues progression, you should be able to play the chords along with it, this will help you develop your rhythm guitar skills.

2. Use the cheat sheet provided below to pick appropriate scales to solo over each track. The cheat sheet includes major and minor pentatonic and blues scales. Experiment!

3. Don't overplay. Lay back sometimes and leave plenty of breathing space. Sometimes the best leads are more subtle and laid back. Pick your spots!

Download the Free MP3 files and Scale Cheat Sheet Here:

12 Bar Blues in E major - download the mp3

8 Bar Blues in E major - download the mp3

Blues Shuffle in A Major - download the mp3

Slow Blues in A Major - download the mp3

Slow Blues in G Major - download the mp3

Cheat Sheet- Scales to Play with Backing Tracks- download the PDF

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