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Please make a donation to help off-set the operating costs of this website!

What does "Buy Pete a Beer" mean? It means making a small contribution towards off-setting the operating costs of this website.

Almost every day, I get emails from visitors to the Guitar Players Toolbox website (this website) thanking me for the information and content I'm providing to guitar players worldwide through this website and the newsletter.

Although the information is free, the services I need to run and maintain the website and the newsletter are not. I pay for services such as web hosting, video hosting, subscriber and email management, polling and surveying, and many more. Each of these has a monthly cost and the total is many hundreds of dollars per month.

I am able to off-set some of these costs through some advertising revenue, and an occasional affiliate commission. But most months I'm lucky to break even, and often I'm losing money.

Although I really enjoy running this little operation, I do need to be cost-conscious. (Actually my wife is staring to ask alot of questions about the financial side of this little endevour ;-).

So with that long wind-up, I'd like to ask you to consider helping out by making a monetary donation. Please think about any value you may have received from my efforts and the information I've provided you and go from there!

Donating is simple and completely secure using the PayPal Donate Buttons below. (You don't have to have a PayPal account to donate).

Thanks, and play well!


Buy Pete a Beer

Please use the Donate button below to buy me a beer. Let's say a beer costs between $3.00 and $5.00 dollars. If you're feeling a little stingy, then I'm sure I can find a bar that will sell me a beer for $2.00!

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Feeling generous? Buy me 6 beers! Use the button below to donate $3.00 per month for 6 months for a total of $18 dollars. Come on, I'm thirsty!

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