Carry On Wayward Son Lesson

Main Guitar Riff Video Lesson

Guitar Tricks Instructor Andy Gurley

This Carry On Wayward Son lesson will teach you step-by-step how to play the main guitar riff from the hit song "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas.

This is the riff most associated with the song. Pay close attention to what notes are picked because this riff isn't phrased like most blues-based pentatonic licks. Also notice the slide used. This has to be there in order to play the riff correctly.

Learn this well. It's played many times throughout the song.

The tab and notation for the riff are shown below. Click on the tab image to go to the complete Carry On Wayward Son guitar riff lesson.

Carry On Wayward Son guitar riff lesson

This lesson is taught by Andy Gurley, an in-demand session and touring guitarist. He has toured nationally and internati

The opening riff of this Kansas song is a progressive rock and classic rock staple, so get out your chops and get ready to play!

Click here for the Carry On Wayward Son lesson video.

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