Chet Atkins

by Doug Hendrixson
(Denver, CO USA)

The late Chet Atkins had a storied career as a guitarist and record producer, and won 14 grammies for instrumental performances. He influenced many great rock guitarists on the top 100 list such as Harrison, Santana, Burton & Knopfler to name but a few. He also did albums with Les Paul, Knopfler, George Benson, and many others. Chet may not be the greatest hard rock, blues, jazz, or classical guitarist, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better country, pop, soft rock guitarist or a more versatile all around guitarist, with music ranging every type of music except hard rock, hip hop, rap and techo. Chet took "fingerstyle" guitar playing to an entire new level of perfection. How many people can play two songs at the same time? Chet could! Les Paul once said, "Chet has me at a disadvantage because he can copy anything I do, but I can't copy what he does." Like Les Paul, Chet has pioneered the design of many guitars for Gretsch & Gibson manufacturers along with others. His name appears on a wide range of guitars.

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