Chris Cheney

by Ira

Cheney on stage during the 'State of Emergency' tour

Cheney on stage during the 'State of Emergency' tour

Chris Cheney is the lead guitarist and singer with Australian punk rock band The Living End.

He not only displays a great deal of consistent technical proficiency with his guitar playing, but a great creativity in both his writing of music and lyrics (Cheney is the band's main songwriter).

For an example of Cheney's excellent playing, I highly recommend that you check out the song 'Into The Red' from The Living End's album 'State of Emergency'.

He uses Gretsch White Falcon guitars, and Fender is currently producing a Chris Cheney Signature Series Gretsch Guitar (6126CC).

The embedded video is a peformance of 'What's On Your Radio', one of The Living End's singles from 'State of Emergency'. Do a bit of searching through YouTube and you can find plenty more where that came from.

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