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Christmas Guitar

Holiday Songs, Info, and Gifts for the Guitar Player

Christmas Guitar. The two words seem to go together naturally. The holiday season is the perfect time to learn to play some Christmas carols and other holiday songs. It’s also the perfect time to get a new guitar or some gear (or better yet receive a guitar gift!).

Christmas Guitar Songs

The good thing about most Christmas carols and holiday songs is that for the most part they are pretty easy to play using a short list of basic guitar chords. Check out this compilation of Christmas Guitar song tabs, chords, and video lessons.

Christmas Guitar Gifts

When it comes to gifts for guitar players, there several common scenarios:

Holiday Gift Packs- guitar gift or value packs are for for the beginning guitar player who does not own a guitar. These are complete packages that includes not only a guitar, but all the accessories and gear needed to get started playing, such as a tuner, picks, strap, instruction DVD. An acoustic guitar is a good choice since it doesn’t require an amplifier. Some would-be guitarists may have their heart set on an electric, so make sure to find out. Here are some good, quality starter packages at reasonable prices to consider: All-In-One Music Holiday Gift Packs at (exp:12/31)

Guitar Instruction Courses- this for any beginning guitar student, and also more advanced players. The top, proven learn to play guitar program is Learn and Master Guitar. It is a DVD-based course that systematically teaches how to play guitar, step-by-step. The instructor is Steve Krenz, and this course has won several awards for excellence. Advanced beginners or intermediates will benefit from all the advanced material in this course. It’s not cheap, but it is worth it. This course is currently on sale for the holidays. Learn more about Learn and Master Guitar

Gift Certificates and Cards- guitar players tend to be pretty particular when it comes to guitars and gear. They often know exactly what they want, or want to be able to choose for themselves. So gift certificates are a good choice. A safe bet is Musican’s Friend, which is the largest and most well-established online music retailer. They have a big product selection, consistently great customer service, and strong guarantees. Shop for a Musicians Gift Certificate here: Give the Gift that Rocks with Gift Certificates from

For more "immediate gratification", the Guitar Center Gift Card is a good choice as well. If your gift recipient lives in a metropolitan area, they probably have a Guitar Center store nearby. With a GC gift card, the lucky guitar player can visit the store and walk out with the gift you gave them. No waiting for UPS to deliver! Get one here: Guitar Center Gear Cards Now Available at

Top 50 Musician-Approved Guitars, Basses, Amps & Effects Under $100

Want to be more personal and choose a specific gift? Here’s a selection of the Top 50 guitar gifts for under $100. These items have been proven to be high quality and good valueTop 50 gifts under $100 at (exp: 12/31)

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