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Check out the hand-selected classic rock tabs below. These are songs that my classic rock and blues band plays. (All the band members are Boomers in late 40s-early 50s range- this is the music we grew up with.)

These songs tend to be fairly easy to play (but not always), and a very popular tunes that are fun to play and easily recognizable.

One of the biggest mistakes guitarist make in learning a song is trying to use free tabs off the internet. Nine times out of 10, free tab is at least inaccurate, and often laughably wrong. You can waste a lot of time that way!

If you want to learn a song right, go ahead and by the offical, accurate tab. The cost ranges from $.99 to ~$5.00. You'll save a lot of time, learn the faster, and be able to play it right (at least within your abilities.)

Almost always you'll get the chord block diagrams with the actual tab, and often you'll also get lyrics, or maybe other instruments like bass or piano.

So when it comes to learning some of your favorite classic rock songs, go ahead and spring a few bucks for the sheet music and do it right!

Here's some of my favorite classic rock sheet music:


Guitar Tab:

Brown Sugar Guitar Tabs

Bass Tab:

Brown Sugar Bass Tab

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