David Gilmour - Most Amazing Guitarist Ever

by Joe Collins
(Norwich, UK)

Although Gilmour doesn't play using the most impressive techniques, or the quickest melodies, there is something about every single note he plays that grabs hold of your attention and shakes it to the very core. His solos are full of feeling, some dark and foreboding, some bright, some, like young lust, hard and rocky, but all powerful and totally original.

His style and stage presence is far beyond contempories like Hendrix - imagine - Hendrix onstage plays to the crowd as a showman, and the crowd responds accordingly. Gilmour would fill the Albert hall at least twice over and have everyone standing, or seated, in reverence, without needing to play backwards, left handed, right handed, upside down or with his guitar on fire.

I could write more - but there is no need. He quite simply is the most amazing guitarist ever.

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Oct 08, 2015
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Jun 29, 2009
David Gilmour is so amazing
by: Nopporn

Yes, David is so amazing a guitarist. He's my most favorite guitarist but he's not the best guitarist in the world. His guitar solo is so powerful and fits perfectly for Pink Floyd music but he's not an over-all guitarist. The sound of his guitar solo is influenced greatly by the blue style. His style of playing guitars is not varied. It's just great for slow music like ballad rock. I love his guitar blue style the best though.

Jan 09, 2009
Thank You Peter
by: Joe

Time is a great song, musically and lyrically, but my preferences tend to lie with post -waters Floyd, songs like Sorrow, or On the Turning Away, but, i think it all comes down to preference, mood and personal taste. I mean, i prefer Gilmour to Hendrix, because of the way his playing makes me feel, but I have to look at it from the point that other people enjoy the likes of Hendrix as much, and he is undoubtably better in his techniques and playing styles - i just see it as empty.


Jan 05, 2009
Good case for David Gilmour
by: Peter

Joe, great post. you make a thoughtful case for David Gilmour as greatest guitarist. The comparison to Hendrix is an interesting one, and shows that there will never be any "one-size" fits all way to rank the best guitarists. As far as provoking emotions, I've always been drawn to the bitter-sweet, and sometimes scary guitar work of "Time".

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