David Gilmour

by Connor Nee
(P.A. USA)

About Face (1984)

About Face (1984)

About Face (1984) With Pink Floyd, Gilmour is on the right, circa about 1971 or 1972

David Gilmour has one of the most unique sounds of his generation. His work with Pink Floyd made the songs even better. He puts so much emotion into his guitar playing, and can play anything you throw at him. Be it electric, acoustic, or even lap guitar, he can play it all. He even plays a mean piano on his solo hit "Out of the blue." He can make the most delicate sounds with a guitar, can play real, true blues and full on hard rock. Outside of Pink Floyd he has had three amazing solo albums that showcase his abilities with the guitar and as an amazing songwriter. He went on to write Pink Floyd's last two albums, both amazing works of music, Momentary Lapse of Reason (1987) and Division Bell (1994) are stunning albums. He is even better live, never missing a note and hits everything spot on, even doing his own thing when he wants to. And boy, can he sing. He has an amazing, smokey, smooth voice that compliments his guitar playing quite nicely. All in all, David Gilmour is the top one in my book, and he is a real inspiration to me in my guitar playing.

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