Dime Bag

by Camron
(Redding ca. usa)

I would never narrow down an art form this way, but after watching that video, and seeing some very limited guitar player who just happen to be in popular bands I had to chime in. Dime is a player for all guitar players. He is the true master of power groove. The only core metal guitarist that can make your body move other than a head bang. He was an excellent blues player that paid respect the players before him. His blues ability is what gave such great flavor to the powerful launch riffs he alone could write. Dime could speed shred beyond almost all players in the game but would embrace the simple, tasteful one note groove at just the right time. Lets not forget that he was also a master of tone. I dont just mean turning nobs and changing tubes, but hand tone like that of SRV and Slow hand. Many of the players on that video, "lets face it", would be no one if it wasn't for the band they were in. Dime would have been great no matter what group he played in. We think of the sweeps and speed taps that we all learn to do, but it takes a great like Dime to know the tricks and not over do it. In conclusion,,,, I respect that many bands have had songs that changed peoples lives and what not, but that do not mean that they have a great guitar player. I have ten year old students who have better note choice and more clean deliberate picking than half of the players that "Rolling Stone" has listed. They people who chose those players is a fool and knows nothing about the guitar or the hard work that it takes to play it well.

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