Django Reinhardt

Listen up all you young folks out there. Django Reinhardt is the greatest guitarist for the following reasons:

-Originality - this guy was the greatest jazz solo guitarist at the time, nobody could touch him. They still can't today.

-His Influence - the so called best guitarist ever, Jimi Hendrix, looked up to Django, and idolized him. And if your a true Hendrix fan, you can see the jazz influence from Django.

Technicality - he had his pinky finger and ring finger severely damaged in a fire accident and he still used them to play jazz chords. As for his solos, he plays as fast as one of your metal shred heads, with his index and middle. Thats two fingers for all of his solos. Listen to his solos and try playing that with two fingers.

Overall he was a genius, an innovator, and without a doubt one a virtuoso. Not only was he one of the most talented musicians, but a passionate one nonetheless. Without a doubt one of the most underlooked guitarists. If you dont know him please look up a video on youtube just so you can hear him and understand why he is the best.

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