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Guitar tablature has really helped to make the guitar such a popular instrument. Easy guitar tabs, like the ones below, help both beginning and more advanced guitar players learn new songs fast. Before getting to the tabs, let’s cover a few basics on what tablature is and how to read it.

Guitar Tab Basics

Using the guitar tab system, guitar rhythm and lead parts are presented in a visual, intuitive manner that does not require knowledge of standard musical notation. In fact, tablature has become the “language” for communicating how to play guitar songs. This is how such as thing as easy guitar tabs are even possible.

If you don’t know how to read guitar tab, or need a refresher, click here for a complete explanation of guitar tablature and how to read it.

Easy Guitar Tabs

Below is a list of songs with fairly easy guitar tabs. The songs are mostly rock and pop songs, starting from the 60’s up through today. Bands include the Beatles, Coldplay, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Green Day, Nirvana, U2, and Neil Young among others. Simply click on the link, and ENJOY! In some cases there is a link to more complete lessons with audio and extensive explanation.

Note: playing these tabs requires some basic guitar playing skills and the ability to read tab. If you are a pure “newbie”, you should establish some basic foundational skills and knowledge first, such as with this free beginners guitar playing guide.

Featured Song

Every Rose Has Its Thorns by Poison

This is a pretty easy song to play, with only a few easy chords, mostly G, C, and D), with a little variation on the C. Check out this step-by-step video lesson:

Every Rose Has Its Thorns video lesson.

Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution
More AC/DC Tabs

The Animals
House of the Rising Sun (detailed lesson with audio)
More Animals Tabs

The Beatles
Nowhere Man (detailed lesson with audio)
Day Tripper

More Beatles Tabs

Black Sabbath
Iron Man
More Black Sabbath Tabs

Blink 182
All the Small Things
More Blink 182 Tabs

More Than a Feeling
More Boston Tabs

God Put a Smile Upon Your Face (detailed lesson with audio)
More Coldplay Tabs

The Cranberries
More Cranberries Tabs

Sunshine of Your Love
More Cream Tabs

Creedence Clearwater Revival
More CCR Tabs

The Doobie Brothers
More Doobie Brothers Tabs

The Doors
Riders on the Storm (detailed lesson with audio)
More Doors Tabs

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The Eagles
Take It Easy
More Eagles Tabs

Green Day
More Greenday Tabs

The Kinks
You Really Got Me
More Kinks Tabs

Lynyrd Syknyrd
Sweet Home Alabama - tabs, chords and video lesson

Come As You Are
More Nirvana Tabs

More Oasis Tabs

Tom Petty
Mary Janes Last Dance
More Tom Petty Tabs

Plain White T's
Hey Their Delilah Tabs, Chords, and Video Lessons

Chili Peppers
More Red Hot Chilli Peppers Tabs

Everybody Hurts
More REM Tabs

The Rolling Stones
19th Nervous Breakdown
More Rolling Stones Tabs

Bruce Springsteen
Fire (detailed lesson with audio)
More Bruce Springsteen Tabs

Cat Stevens
Wild World (detailed lesson with audio)
More Cat Stevens Tabs

Beautiful Day
More U2 Tabs

Buddy Holly
More Weezer Tabs

The White Stripes
Seven Nation Army
More White Stripes Tabs

Neil Young
Heart of Gold (detailed lesson with audio)
Rockin' in the Free World

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