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Use this page for a fast and easy way to find free guitar chords, chord charts, easy guitar tabs, and other tools and resources to help you learn to play guitar. Among the specific resources and topics you can search for on the Guitar Player’s Toolbox site include:

• Overview of basic guitar chords
• Explanation of chord families
• Basic guitar chord chart – printable .pdf version
• Options for learning how to play chords
• Free ebook to help you learn to play
• The “Ultimate Guitar Chord Chart”
• Guitar chord finders and dictionary
• Links to tools to make your own printable guitar chord charts
• List of easy guitar tabs with chords

We provide this guitar search engine as a service to our visitors, to help you navigate the site and find the specific content you are looking for. So go ahead and type your search term into the box above to find free chords and more, either from the content found on the Guitar Players Toolbox or the World Wide Web.

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