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Why is it so hard to find good useful information on how to learn to play guitar? This is where the "7 Steps to Success on the Guitar" eBook comes in. Authored by professional guitar player and experienced teacher Keith Dean, this 21 page ebook will guide you with practical stategies and tips for learning to play guitar the right way. It teaches you concepts and tools that will help you learn faster and have more fun:

* How to choose a guitar that's right for you

* Which basic skills you need to know, and where to learn them

* What are the basic chords and tips for learning them

* How to approach strumming with a simple to apply concept

* Why patterns are important and how you can leverage them

* Tips for how to focus your practice time for maximum effect

* Plus more

All written from a practical guitar player’s standpoint, by someone who has taught thousands of students using the proven concepts in this ebook.

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