Free Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Free Guitar Lessons for Beginners series totaling 20 video lessons that will teach you basic beginner guitar skills. Part 2 features lessons on how to play chord progressions, Barre chords, and various techniques such as hammer-on's and pull-offs.

I recommend looking at Part 1 first and making sure you have those skills mastered before tackling Part 2.

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Play a Chord Progression - Learn a chord progression (D, Cadd9, and G). It's a common chord progression that you will find in many hits and works well on acoustic or electric guitar. We will also learn a strum pattern to go with it. The lesson will also cover how to change chords quickly and smoothly.

Basic Bluegrass Rhythm - This lesson will teach you some basic bluegrass strums. The alternating bass strums are the basis for bluegrass rhythm guitar. We will discuss ways you can play the G, C, and D chords in this style.

Barre Chords - The Free Guitar Lessons for Beginners series continues with this introductory lesson on barre chords. There are several techniques that will help you achieve quicker results when trying them for the first time. A barre chord is a chord where the first finger is barring across several strings.

Slides - You will learn how to play a basic slide and then several variations. The most common slide is moving the fingered note up one fret while the note is still playing. Peter will also cover slides that move down a fret, up and down two frets, and sliding notes on two strings at once. It's important to keep a constant pressure on the string throughout the slide to maintain volume.

Hammer Ons and Pull Offs - This lesson will teach you how to play hammer ons and pull offs. These are two of the fundamental techniques used to play guitar and are featured in almost every guitar solo you will hear.

Whole Step Bends - This one will teach you how to play a basic bend. Bending is moving a string up or down to get another pitch. The most common bend is a whole step bend, bending the string so it sounds two frets higher. We'll try it on 3 different strings.

Half Step Bends - This is a follow up to our first lesson on whole step bends. In this lesson we'll learn how to play half step bends. A half step bend makes the note sound one fret higher than where your finger actually is.

Vibrato - Vibrato is the technique or moving a noted string in a rhythmic fashion to create a beautiful expressive sound. It's important to focus and make sure that you are moving the string and not just your hand or the guitar neck. We will discuss proper technique and different styles of vibrato.

Basic Guitar Harmonics - There are several ways to play harmonics. We will learn how to play harmonics by lightly placing a finger on the strings. We will learn how to play harmonics at the 12th, 7th, and 5th fret. This is a great guitar tool to learn and you will notice this technique used in many famous songs.

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