How to get a free metronome online

A metronome (whether a mechanical or electronic device, downloaded software, or a free metronome online ) is a great tool for practicing and playing guitar. A metronome is a sound source used to produce a steady rhythm or beat.

Using a metronome to provide a consistent tempo will really help you develop your rhythmic coordination.

The metronome produces a sound at a defined tempo that can be adjusted according to the speed you want to play a song, rhythm pattern, or notes. Using a metronome while you practice will improve your ability to synch up your right hand movements with the beat of the music.

PRACTICE TIP! Using a metronome in your practice will greatly improve both how fast you learn new music and skills, and how well you learn them! Why? A metronome forces you to pracitce at the right tempo for the stage you are at in learning a new song or piece. First practice a new song or riff without worrying about tempo, just to get a feel for the finger movements needed to play the piece. Then play the piece at a slow tempo.

This allows you to come closer to "getting it right", rather than immediately jumping to trying to play at full speed. Then increase the tempo in several stages until you feel pretty comfortable with the piece. Only then should you work on playing it at full speed! In this way, a metronome is really an essential tool in helping you become a better guitar player.

Here are two totally free online metronomes

Here at Guitar Player’s Toolbox we emphasize free, useful tools that can help improve your guitar skills. Here are two free metronomes you can use:
Free Metronome Online : This simple metronome is very easy to use. Just click on the speed (beats per minute) you want, and it will play that rhythm. Turn up the speakers on your PC and this should work fine.

Downloadable Free Metronome :

Here is a more advanced metronome utility from Gieson Interactive, called the Wimpy Beat Box. This can be used online, or you can download it to your PC or Mac and use it offline at your convenience. This one has some great features, like the ability to define a custom rhythm pattern with different drum sounds, and to save these for later use. Very cool!

Using a free metronome online, or else a downloaded offline metronome, you can very cost-effectively enhance your playing enjoyment, and your practice results!


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