Glen Campbell

by Chris Wilson
(Owensboro, KY)

Played on 586 sessions in one year..Was making $100,000 a year in 1960 just playing a guitar..They don't make that today. I know studio players, only a select few like Brent Mason tops those numbers.

I have been in a room with him, there is nobody better than him.
Jerry Reed even took a back seat. Vince Gill said Glen Campbell has forgotten more on the guitar than we will ever learn. If you don't believe it, get in a jam session with him, it is a daily but whippin' at 75 years old. Can you imagine trying to upstage him when he was 21 and up..Not me. Keith Urban calls him the Master....
Does not make any list of greats...He laughs at some of these rankings today. It is ridiculous, Glen would wear Jimi Hendrix out...They have even got Joan Jett ranked over him..What is this world coming to. Everyone has their own oppinions, but for God's Sake don't be unreal.

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