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How to Improve Your Alternate Picking Guitar Technique
Beginning guitar players have a tendency to strum or pick the guitar strings by using a series of either all downstrokes or all upstrokes. It is important to increase playing fluidity and efficiency by using a technique called alternate picking: the process of using a guitar pick to strike the strings using a pattern of alternating downward and upward motions, or downstrokes and upstrokes. Resulting in faster, smoother playing. Read the complete article written by Ben Edwards of Jamorama offering practical advice in improving this important skill.

Recipe for Success (Guitar Practice) by Will Landrum
Ever wonder how someone could be so good at what they do? Do you wonder if you could ever be as good as your favorite guitar player? Well, I'm here to tell you that you can! I'm also here to give you some insight as to how. There are several principles of guitar practice you must adhere to if you are to ever get to a level of great playing.

Barre Chord Forms by Will Landrum
Many guitar players have mastered the basic open chords, and are looking to take their rhythm guitar skills to the next level with Barre chords are the next logical step, but many people find them difficult to learn and master. This article by Will Landrum provides practical advice or tips about how to best learn how to play Barre chords. Will explains how to form Barre chords, and provides excellent tips on how to ensure you play them properly.

Guitar Lessons : A Guide to Your Options
So you want to play guitar? Guitar lessons, in some form or another, are a necessity for anyone wanting to learn to play the guitar. Established players also rely on guitar lessons to acquire new skills and move up to the next level. Finding the right lesson, course, or product sounds simple, but there are so many choices available that it’s a tough task to figure out what’s best for your individual needs. These guidelines will help you sort through your options and make a good decision. (Click title above to access full article.)

Guitar Chord Diagrams: An Essential Tool for Learning to Play the Guitar
Guitar chord diagrams are a simple, yet indispensable tool for learning to play guitar, or improving your skills. Learn how these easy-to-read diagrams show you exactly how to play a chord, and speed up your guitar playing progress.

Basic Guitar Chords: How to Easily Master the Guitar Chords You Must Know!
Learning the basic guitar chords doesn't have to be a big hassle. You can easily master a core group of easy open string chords needed to play rock and pop music on guitar. Follow these simple steps to learn the basic chord families, equipping you to play thousands of songs based on these chords.

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