Guitar Chord Chart -- Basic Chords

The guitar chord chart below is a useful reference for basic guitar chords.

Most music is composed of some very basic chords. A song can have an elaborate arrangement, with a lot of unusual chords thrown in, but at the end of the day can be distilled down to basics. In learning guitar, it makes sense to start with the basics and later build on that foundation by adding other more complicated chords.

Chords can be put into three basic categories: major, minor, and seventh chords. Each of them has a distinctive sound or "feel" to them. For example, play the E major, E minor and E7 chords from the chart below, and listen for the mood or feelings that each inspires. Quite different!

Every guitarist needs to know the following list of chords which are illustrated in the chart below:

A major / A minor / A7
B major / B minor / B7
C major / C minor / C7
D major / D minor / D7
E major / E minor / E7
F major / F minor / F7
G major / G minor / G7

Guitar chord chart

Guitar chord chart

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