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"The Ultimate Chord Chart Illustrates More than 1200 Chords"

There are many sources of free guitar chord charts available online:

Printable Chord Charts -these are documents, often Adobe .pdf files that illustrate how to play a group of chords. Guitar Player’s Toolbox offers several of these, including a good Basic Chord Chart , as well as the Ultimate Guitar Chord Chart. The Ulimate Chord Chart illustrates chord diagrams for more than 1200 guitar chords. It was created by Phillip J. Facoline, and is widely considered to be one of the most comprehensive charts available. You can download and print it, as well as the Basic Chord Chart here, for free.

Online Guitar Chord Chart Generators - a great resource available online are websites where you can create your own custom guitar chord charts. This allows you to easily create high quality, free guitar chord charts that are tailored to your needs. For example, you could create a chart of chords for a song you want to play, common chord progressions, multiple positions for a chord, or any other grouping you care to have on a chart. One excellent website for free guitar chord charts is This is a very impressive, well-designed, and functional site!. Using “MySheet”, you can easily display chords diagrams, select those you are interested in, and create your own customized chord chart. Options include printing the chart, e-mailing it, or creating a web link to that chart. You can also create an account and keep multiple chord diagrams for future reference. Check it out, you’ll be impressed with the ease of use and flexibility, and it’s free! You can easily design and print something like this example of a custom guitar chord chart

Guitar Chord Software - there are dozens of software packages available that enable you to create free guitar chord charts. Most of these are available as a download that allows you to use the software on a free limited trial basis. If you like it, you can pay a reasonable fee (usually less than $30) to acquire a full license with unrestricted use. I’ve tested more than a dozen of these software packages, and each has its pros and cons.

I have found the "D’Accord Guitar Chord Dictionary" is among the most user-friendly and full-featured chord software packages. With this software you can browse, play, and print guitar chord diagrams as well as importing chords from lyrics. You can also print the lyrics with the chords. Using the free trial version of the D’Accord Guitar Chord Dictionary 2.0 , you can easily generate printable, free guitar chord diagrams and charts.

Using the these resources, you will be able to obtain just about any guitar chord diagram you need, in a free, printable format.

Learn Beginner Guitar Chords - free chart of easy open chords

Guitar Chord Chart with 21 basic major, minor, and 7th chords in 7 keys.

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