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Guitar players often need a guitar chord finder to to do a quick look-up of some chords. There are a variety of online guitar chord finders available ranging from simplistic to advanced tools.

They provide a quick means to figure out how to play any chord. You enter the chord or key, and the chord finder returns the notes in the chord displayed graphically on a guitar fretboard. Usually multiple chord positions are shown. In some cases they also provide advanced "reverse chord finder" functionality to determine determine a chord name based on the notes provided by you.

Some great examples are highlighted below.

Logue guitar chord finder This guitar chord finder is simple to use with an attractive interface.

Superstrings Guitar Chord Generator by Jim Cranwell This is a great little guitar chord finder with the ability to search by key, chord, fret, stretch on the fretboard, variations, tuning, and left or right handed. Clean design, simple to use…a lot in a small package!

Guitar Chord Explorer - a free online Java program/applet/tool which allows you to explore, search and build hundreds of guitar chords. Easy to use, with colour-coded displays. Features include a chord database/dictionary, a voicing builder, a powerful chord search engine, and more. Dual display -- fretboard and chord structure (intervals). Use any string tuning. Build unusual custom chords.

Check out this mini chord finder

Simple, but it works. Click on chord name on the right, and the pattern appears. For those of you who do not know, the thickest line, under the first row of radio buttons, represents the "nut" or the top of the guitar neck. If a dot appears above that thick line, it means the string is played open. The thinner black lines following represent "frets."

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