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If You're READY for Online Guitar Lessons, Now's the Time

Most people trying to learn to play guitar fail miserably and give up. Some stick with it and go on to become competent guitar players. What's the difference? Lessons. Structured lessons by pro guitarists that guide you step-by-step along the way. If you're ready to make the move, nows the ideal time. Check out the JamPlay Summer Sale going on now...you can get the leading online lessons at a big discount. Quality and low price = value. Not a bad combination!

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Diagrams of guitar chords --everything you need to know.

Diagrams of guitar chords are one of the best tools for guitar players. Learn how to read chord diagrams, and get tips on using them in chord charts to help become a better player.

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Basic Guitar Chord Charts - printable and free

Get a free, basic guitar chord charts. Download and print for free at the Guitar Player's Toolbox. These chords are easy to learn and will get you going.

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Basic Guitar Chords

These basic guitar chords are clearly shown in easy to read diagrams. These are the basic, easy to learn chords for that every guitar player needs to know. Open the Guitar Player's Toolbox!

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Guitar Chords and Chord Charts Plus More Tools for Guitar Players

The Guitar Player’s Toolbox is your best source of free, practical information and tools to improve your guitar playing! Get info on guitar chords and free printable guitar chord charts, plus more!

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Chester Burton "Chet" Atkins

Okay,Chet Atkins isn't even my favourite guitarist ever but... I think i will have proved a point if you can still believe me after reading the following.

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Terry Kath

Speed, power, drive, passion, pure 70's rock - none better. Don't think of Chicago the Band if you don't know of them in the late 60's-early 70's. Completely

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Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck has that rare ability to pioneer sounds and make you feel as if you found the Holy Grail in guitar music. Then he changes into something completely

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