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Updated - December 26 - Holiday Specials!

The holiday season around Christmas and New Years is the best time of the year to find a great deal on guitar-related stuff. Below are some great bargains, especially on home study courses. In some cases these are available only to Guitar Player Toolbox visitors!

DEAL #1- Adult Guitar Lessons Online Course - $10 off, only $37! - Learning guitar in your 40s, 50s, 60s plus? Adult Guitar Lessons is the only online beginners guitar course designed for you. The step-by-step lessons by 30 year guitar pro Keith Dean guide you to learn to play guitar from scratch faster, easier, and more enjoyably. It features the music you grew up with, and skips tedious drills and boring music theory lessons. Take advantage of this exclusive, limited time offer for Guitar Players Toolbox subscribers only

DEAL #2- Jamorama Learn to Play Guitar Course New Years Special for $29.95- Are you a novice or beginner guitar playing who has realized you will learn better and faster following a systematic course of guitar lessons? Jamorama is one of the most popular guitar home study courses and has very high customer satisfaction ratings. You can download the materials and videos to your PC, and start taking step-by-step lessons immediately at your own pace at home.

Jamorama has just announced a New Years special of only $29.95. (This is even better than the Christmas special I had arranged.) The main Jamorama website has the regular price of $49.95. Well worth checking out if you have the funds, especially at this Christmas special price and since it has a 60 day money back guarantee. Expires December 31st @ 12 midnight PST.

DEAL #3 - Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar - $89 Christmas Special - This is another "insider deal" you probably can't find anywhere else. Use this link to get the complete, brand new Learn and Master Guitar Course for only $89. This is an outrageous deal. It sells "on sale" every day for $149. This is what most people have paid for it, and what they'll pay if they go to the main Learn and Master website. $89 for the "cream of the crop" DVD home study course...if you've been on the fence...time to get off!

Note: the webpage says the offer expires Tuesday Dec 28. They may or may not extend this. Get it while the gettin's good!

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Jamorama course 20% off - sign up for the free Jamorama mini-course, and during the sign-up process you'll get a special offer to buy Jamorama for $39.95 vs. the regular $49.95 price.

Learn and Master Guitar Sale - on this page you can get $100 off on one of the top learn to play guitar home study courses...a 40% discount, not bad!

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Guitar Center Gift Card - A Guitar Center Gift Card is a good deal because of their great selection and low prices are a good "bang for the buck" for new and experienced guitarists to get the gear they want.

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