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When it comes to guitar gifts, the good news is that there are many good choices at all price points, and many reputable online retailers to buy from. The not so good news is that with all these options, it can be difficult to sort through them and find just the right guitar gift.

We have distilled it down to a manageable few, and provide you with specific suggestions based on the experience level of the guitar player. All these products are well-known brands made by top manufacturers that offer solid warranties on their products. Scroll down and you'll see listings for many great guitar gifts: acoustic guitars, electric guitars, packages for beginners, amps, and guitar effects.

The only sources recommended here are leading, well-established online musical goods vendors, such as zZounds and Jamorama. These vendors have proven to provide good value and customer service including liberal return policies. Bottom line: you can buy any of these recommended products with complete confidence in the quality and value of both the product and the online retailer.

Tips for Selecting the Right Guitar Gifts

The main considerations in choosing guitar gifts are experience level, style of music preferred, and what gear and learning material they already own. Try to find as much out about these as possible. Or better yet, get the lucky gift recipient to drop a few subtle hints on what they want…”I want a Fender Strat in Agave Blue, please!” If you you really don’t have good handle on any of this, no worries, here are some tips for different situations:

1. Don't have a clue? No problem! When in doubt, give a gift certificate for guitar gear and accessories.

2.For a beginner with no guitar , give a package that includes a guitar and accessories needed to get going (including an amp if it's an electic guitar.)

3. Give a guitar home study course every guitarist wants to learn new skills and move to the next level.

Gift Certificates to the Rescue

Musician's Friend Gift Certificate- If you just can't figure out what guitar gift to get, go with a gift certificate from Musician's Friend, one of the leading on-line guitar gear and accessory retailers. Then you'll have no worries about getting just the right item, especially for an established player that may already have some gear, or strong personal preferences.

Whether for $25 to get some accessories, or $1000 for a high quality electric guitar and amp, a gift certificate will solve your problem! They can be delivered electronically or as paper certificates, so this is good for last minute shopping as well.

Musician's Friend Gift Certificates. Give the gift that rocks!

Guitar Packages - Perfect for a Beginner

Electric Guitar Packages are a Good Value

Electric Guitar Packages are a very popular gift for new guitar players. (Acoustic packages are great too, but electric guitars are preferred as a first guitar by most aspiring guitarists). A guitar value pack bundles everything need to get started, including guitar, amp, cord, tuner, strap, and often an instructional DVD as well. All at a great value price.

Click here for info on popular Electric Guitar Packages.

Guitar Home Study Courses - a Gift Every Player Can Use

Guitar Home Study Courses are another great choice as a gift. The reason why many guitar players struggle to learn, and then give up, is that they don't have the right instruction. In-person private lessons are great, but are expensive and difficult to schedule. Online lessons and guitar home study courses are excellent either as the main learning method, or as a supplement to in-person lessons.

Two of the best courses are:

Learn and Master Guitar- an in-depth, comprehensive DVD-based home study course, suitable for beginners and intermediates. This is the "best of the best" learn guitar package.

Jamorama- a comprehensive, step-by-step multi-media "e-course" that is download to a computer. This one offers a very solid foundation for beginners, and is also valuable for intermediate players. This is at a very reasonable price-point is is the "Best Value" guitar home study course.

Click here for the low-down on the best Guitar Home Study Courses.

Gear and Gift Search

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Additional Guitar Gifts

Acoustic Guitars

What's Hot?

Ibanez IJV50 Jumpstart Acoustic Guitar Package
How Much?:$99.95
How Hot?: Scorching
* Guitar packages are always HUGE during the holidays
* Ibanez is a very respected brand name
* Includes everything a guitarist needs to get started
Keywords: Ibanez Jumpstart Acoustic, Ibanez Acoustic Guitar Package, Ibanez IJV50

Martin D15 Acoustic Guitar (with Case)
How Much?:$799.95
How Hot?:Hot.
* Martin builds some of the best guitars on the market, very sought after brand
* D15 is an entry-level Martin, a great product
* Pricey for a gift, but always a big seller
Keywords: Martin D15

Electric Guitars

What's Hot:

Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar
How Much?: from $369.95
How Hot?: Very hot.
Why?: * One of our most popular guitars
* Great brand recognition
* Low price
Hot Keywords: Fender Standard Strat, Fender Mexican Strat

Ibanez RG350EX Electric Guitar
How Much?: $392.95
How Hot?: Very hot.
Why?: * Very popular heavy rock guitar * Mid-range for Ibanez products, good choice for a second guitar
Keywords: Ibanez RG350, Ibanez RG guitar, Ibanez RG350EX

Behringer V-Tone II Guitar and Amplifier Package
How Much?: $109.95
How Hot?: Scorching. Absolutely Scorching.
Why?: * Our top selling guitar pack, selling for just over $100 * Great products included in this pack, an ideal starter's package. * Immensely popular
Keywords: Behringer guitar pack, Behringer V-tone, Cheap guitar pack, Guitar starter kit

Schecter C1 Plus
How Much?: $599.95
How Hot?: Very hot.
Why?: * Very big seller, much sought after rock guitar * Excellent product for the price
Keywords: Shecter C, Schecter C1, Schecter C1 plus

Guitar Amps

What's Hot:

Fender FM212R Guitar Amplifier
How Much?: $299.95
How Hot?: Hot.
Why?: * Killer brand name product for a killer price. * Very popular amp
Keywords: Fender FM212R Guitar Amplifier

Behringer GMX212 Guitar Amplifier with DFX
How Much?: $259.95
How Hot?: Very Hot.
Why?: * Low price for a great quality amp * Great step up from a beginner practice amp * Great gift for a growing guitarist.
Keywords: Behringer GMX212, Behringer guitar amp, Behringer guitar amplifier

Marshall MG30DFX 2-Channel Combo Guitar Amp with DFX
How Much?: $269.99
How Hot?: Hot.
Why?: * Very popular brand and product line, hot product * Great amp for practice or live use
Keywords: Marshall MG30, Marshall Combo Amp, Marshall DFX, Marshall MG30DFX

Guitar Effects

What's Hot:

MAudio Black Box Guitar Processor/Computer Interface
How Much?: $279.95
How Hot?: Scorching.
Why?: * New product * Very popular * Killer price * Includes a guitar processor, drum machine, USB recording interface
Keywords: M-Audio Blackbox, M-Audio black box, Black box guitar, Blackbox guitar

Line6 PODxt Live Guitar Amp Modeler Pedalboard
How Much?: $399.99
How Hot?: Very Hot.
Why?: * The popular Line6 POD now available in a floorboard-- ideal for the control freak * Awesome product. * Popular brand name.
Keywords: Line6 PODxt, PODxt Live, Line six pod xt live, Line 6 podxt live

Behringer V-Amp 2 Virtual Amplification Processor
How Much?: $99.99
How Hot?: Scorching
Why?: * Competes with Line 6 products, much lower price * Very popular
Keywords: Behringer V-amp, Behringer VAMP, Behringer V-amp 2

So there you have a whole bunch of ideas for guitar gifts that are sure to be well-received. And remember, when in doubt go with a gift certficate! Several good choices are described near the top of the page...they do make excellent guitar gifts!

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