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How to Find the Right Guitar Course for You

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Why Home Study Guitar Lessons and Courses?

So you're looking for guitar lesson reviews. No wonder.

Private instruction is one of the best ways to learn guitar and advance your playing. But weekly in-person lessons are not for everyone: they are expensive (easily over $1,200 a year), hard to schedule, and travel for lessons is time consuming. A big disadvantage is that you have no way to review previously taught material between lessons, which can slow progress considerably.

Fortunately, there are many cost-effective options for learning guitar at home that solve all these problems. Guitar home study courses and lessons allow you to focus on your specific objectives and get guidance from an instructor, while learning at your own convenience and pace.

Buyer Beware!

The market is flooded with guitar learning products, with more coming every day. I’ve been using and evaluating these types of products for over five years, and can say with certainty that quite a few of the products on the market just aren’t worth the money, if not outright junky. This is an area in which “buyer beware” indeed applies!

At the same time, advances in instructional technology and methods have helped produce some top notch products that really deliver as they promise. We have done a lot of “Consumer Reports”-style research for you by test driving many of the available products, objectively evaluating them, and summarizing our findings.

We try to cut through the hype and assess a product, with guitar in hand, from the perspective of a student using it. Then we make a realistic assessment and develop recommendations for the best products in various categories to help you with your decision.

Deciding Which One is Right for You

The first thing to realize is that there is no “best overall” guitar course or lesson product. There is no “one size fits all” solution for everyone, contrary to what most guitar lesson reviews claim. What’s best for one novice guitarist may be completely wrong for another. The goal is to get the product that’s the right fit for your individual needs and circumstances.

Here’s a checklist of key questions and factors to consider:

Your learning objectives: What do you want to learn by taking a course or lesson? What do you want to be able to do after you take the course or lesson?

Topics covered: What does the course promise to teach? What skills, styles, songs, or techniques are taught? What material and content is included? Match with your objectives

Format: Do you want, need or prefer a particular format, such as DVD, online, or downloadable software?

Skill level: Is the course aimed at beginners or more advanced players? Are they’re any pre-requisites skills you need, e.g. knowing scales or how to play chords?

Cost and budget: How is the product priced? One time fee or monthly membership? Any payment options? Fit with your budget?

Instructor qualifications: Who is the instructor, and what is their experience and teaching qualifications? How do you like their personality and teaching style?

Production quality: What multi-media content is included? What is the overall professionalism and quality of the production? Impact on your learning experience?

Customer feedback: What do actual users of the product have to say about it? What do customers see as the pros and cons? Refund rates?

Guarantee: what type of guarantee is offered to remove your risk? If you don’t like the product, can you get a full refund?

For 10 tips how to evaluate guitar home study courses, see this article.

DVD Learn-to-Play-Guitar Courses

Learn and Master Guitar is the “cream of the crop” when it comes to a guitar home study course. This DVD-based course is suitable for both beginners and advancing guitarists, covering all major styles such as acoustic, rock, blues, etc. The only ding against it is the relatively high cost of the product. However, this is clearly a case of "you get what you pay for", as this course is superior to the alternatives.

If you are serious about wanting to learn to play guitar right, and the price tag is within your budget, you will not go wrong with this course and its extensive multi-media “workshop” format. Learn and Master Guitar overall represents the highest quality offering on the market for learning to play guitar, or taking your skills to the next level.

Learn more at the Learn and Master Guitar website.

Read our review of Learn and Master Guitar (it's not what you expect!)

Online Learn-to-Play-Guitar Courses

Adult Guitar Lessons

Adult Guitar Lessons is a online guitar lesson site that is geared toward the beginner player, especially adults in their 40s, 50s, and older. Instructor Keith Dean is a pro guitar player who designed and created this course, and does a great job teaching. He takes students step-by-step from the very basics of holding and strumming a guitar, playing simple chords, and playing songs quickly. You can learn at your own pace.

This is a systematic course that is very light on music theory, and a focus on quickly learning to play songs, mostly classic rock and pop songs. The course materials are easy video lessons and accompanying printable lesson guides with tabulature. It is really two courses in one: in addition to the learn to play guitar course, Adult Guitar Lessons includes a complete lead guitar course as well. You also get direct access to Keith for questions. With a low one-time lifetime membership fee, and guarantied results, this is really a gem and a great value, no matter what your age is.

Learn more about Adult Guitar Lessons here.

Download Learn-to-Play Guitar Courses

Jamorama is a very solid value for the money, and is our top pick among the many downloadable learn guitar available. This is a step-by-step lesson-based approach to learn guitar. It has a lot of content (but not as much Learn & Master Guitar) and is generally of good quality. It has the advantage of being immediately downloadable, while a drawback is that the video lessons must be viewed on your PC, and the e-books and tabs must be either viewed on a PC or printed out. (A physical version of Jamorama is available at a considerably higher price point, but at that level you might as well spend a few extra bucks to get Learn & Master Guitar).

The lessons are generally well-structured and flow logically in a step by step learning process. Multi-media content is of high quality. Coverage of music theory is somewhat lacking in this package, as it just teaches how to read tablature, not standard musical notation. All in all, this course is an excellent value. It is probably the most popular course of it's type, as Jamorama claims over 200,000 students. Jamorama has a lot to offer, and is a perfectly good choice for a quality home study course, and well worth a look if you want a cost-effective system to learn to play.

Learn more at the Jamorama website.

Read our complete review of Jamorama here.

Online Guitar Lesson Sites

Guitar Tricks is the "Grand Daddy" of all online guitar lesson sites, having gone online in 1998, and having over 10,000 members. Guitar Tricks is a membership site with two levels: free (giving you access to a good range of lessons); and the full access version for a small monthly fee.

Depth and breadth of content is amazing, with 3000 easy to use downloadable video lessons with printable lesson material, by 45 instructors, on all aspects of guitar playing A to Z. Includes 8 comprehensive step-by-step courses for beginners, rock ,blues, and country. Lessons are organized by style (e.g. blues, ska, metal, finger-picking, rock etc. ), level , and more. A number practice tools and reference materials are also included, as is a an active community forum.

Of note, Guitar Tricks has added complete song video lessons, showing how to play entire songs, and complete with printable tab. Guitar Tricks is equally valuable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced guitarist will ever hit their limit at Guitar Tricks.

Guitar Tricks is a "best value" in online guitar lessons, and is backed by a money back guarantee.

Learn more about Guitar Tricks online lessons.

Disclosure: we may receive compensation from the owners of products reviewed here, if you click on a link and buy. This does not affect the price you pay, and helps us off-set website costs. Be assured we only recommend products we believe offer good value based our objective evaluation.

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