Free Guitar Lesson Videos

I found 24 high quality guitar lesson videos from Guitar Tricks that are free to access. Each lesson is taught by a professional guitar teacher is a complete lesson that provides good, useful information.

Below are 6 examples you can directly access, or see all 24 free guitar lesson videos here.

How to Hold Your Pick

This video lesson is a very basic yet important one. It will show you how to hold your pick...and discuss all the different motions a player will have when holding the pick you the way not to hold a pick, and more. Very practical and foundational!

View the "How to Hold Your Pick" lesson.

Acoustic Fingerpicking for Beginners: Getting Started

Fingerpicking guitar lesson video

This lesson will show you a four-step fingerpicking pattern that is a powerful building block for fingerstyle guitar.

View the beginner "Acoustic Fingerpicking Pattern" lesson.

Blues Orchestration

Christopher Schlegel Blues Orchestration

This lesson will teach you how to play a "blues" type arrangement! Covers how to coordinate the bass line and open string playing into an coo-sounding arrangement.

View the "Blues Orchestration" lesson.

Play Rhythm Like the Masters: Keith Richards

Anders Mouridsen

This guitar video lesson breaks down the rhythm guitar playing of Keith Richards of Rolling Stones fame. It covers how riffs and voicings originally played in an open tuning can be played in a standard tuning and adapted to any given chord progression.

View the "Play Rhythm Like the Masters: Keith Richards" lesson.

Intervals for Beginners

Christopher Schlegel guitarist

In music the basic unit of measurement is the interval. This is an excellent lesson for beginners to learn some important basic music theory about intervals and how to navigate the fretboard. Good stuff!

View the "Intervals for Beginners" lesson.

Blues - Advanced Improvisation


This really cool lesson covers advanced improvisation concepts on blues. It shows how you can play 3 different scales on any 12 bar or other blues.

See the "Blues - Advanced Improvisation" lesson.


See the whole collection: The six free guitar lesson videos above are just a sampling of the 24 available. These are full-length high quality lessons by professional guitar instructors on beginner lessons, blues, rock, country, various techniques and tips, and much more.

Check out the entire collection of free guitar lesson videos.

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