Guitar Tools and Resources

In this section of the Guitar Players Toolbox, we have gathered a variety of practical guitar tools and resources to help you become a better guitar player. These include utilities such as online guitar tuners, metronomes and chord finders; the latest guitar news; and articles and guides focused on learning, playing, and equipment.

Guitar Tools and Utilities

Online Guitar Tuner -- The best way to tune a guitar is with an electronic tuner that plugs into your guitar. If you don't have one available, then use an online guitar tuner. We provide two here, a web-based tuner and one you can use online or download to your PC.

Online Metronome -- A metronome is essential to effective guitar practice. If you don't own a metronome, you can use the the advanced features of these free online metronomes.

Free Guitar Chord Finders -- Looking for how to play a certain chord? Use an online guitar chord finder to determine the easiest way to play a chord, as well as various options.

Printable Chart of Guitar Chords -- Download a the right printable chart of guitar the chords for you. Includes basic easy open chords, and a extensive ultimate chart among others.


Guitar News -- read real-time feeds of the latest guitar news headlines and developments from Harmony Central and Modern Guitars magazine, and click through to the full articles.

Guitar Tab News -- this is a live feed of the newest guitar tabs from Ultimate Guitar.

Online Video Guitar Lessons

Online Video Guitar Lesson

Free Guitar Video Lessons

Guitar Articles and Guides

Online Guitar Lesson Guide

Guitar Articles

Guitar Gear Guide

Guitar Gift Guide

Christmas Guitar Songs

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