Learn How to Play Acoustic Guitar

What motivates you to want to learn how to play acoustic guitar? An acoustic guitar is often a great choice when you are learning how to play. You probably chose acoustic over electric because of the type and style of music you want to play, or maybe you just like the way an acoustic sounds.

An acoustic guitar is sensible as a first guitar for cost reasons also, as they are usually less expensive than an electric, and do not require an amplifier.

If you want to learn how to play acoustic guitar, you have the same general options as with learning to play any type of guitar. The best way is to take private lessons from a professional guitar teacher in your local area. However, this can get expensive, and attending weekly lessons can be inconvenient to work into your schedule.

Three Ways to Learn How to Play Acoustic Guitar

Here are basic alternatives to in-person private lessons to learn how to play acoustic guitar:

1. Free acoustic guitar lessons - web-based lessons in various media including text, audio, and video. These can be great to focus on learning or improving individual techniques and songs, but generally don't give you a good step-by-step method to establish good overall skills. Check out these [free acoustic guitar lessons (coming soon)]

2. Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar Home Study Courses-if you are a beginner, or have some good intermediate skills but with some gaps, then a quality guitar learning package is the best bet.

  • This approach is far superior to one-off instruction books, CD, DVDs, or free online guitar lessons, which don't really give you a good system to follow. A guitar learning course guides you along so you can learn foundational skills, and advance step-by-step, at your own pace. It’s like having a guitar teacher in a box!
  • The problem with taking this route is that the market is flooded with them, many of poor quality. It’s hard to sort through all the clutter and find a solid, well-designed product that will really help you learn to play.
  • Fortunately, there are some great home study courses out there, including some that are especially designed for learning how to play acoustic guitar. They are surprisingly affordable in the $40-$200 range. (If this sounds like a lot to you, compare it to a year of private lessons!).
Read our assessments of popular acoustic guitar learning packages.

3. Acoustic guitar song lessons- If you have a good base of beginner guitar playing skills (able to play chords, strum, some knowledge of how to read tab and chord diagrams, you're probably just itchin' learn to play some songs. The best way to do this is with some good song lessons, like [this collection of popular acoustic guitar song lessons (coming soon!)]

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