How to Practice Guitar

4 Steps to Improve Your Guitar Playing

How to practice guitar? First ask yourself where are you on your journey as a guitar player.

Wherever you are on the path, there is a basic 4 stepapproach that has been proven to help folks improvetheir playing. This approach will get you playing bettersooner, and getting more pleasure from your guitar playing.

1. Set a Goal for Yourself: Choose a skill, technique, orgenre you'd like to master and that you think might bechallenging and interesting for you. If you're a beginner,maybe your goal is to learn 5 basic chords you can use to start playing songs. If you're more advanced, maybe your goal is to learn to play the blues. Just set a specificgoal for yourself. e.g "Within 4 weeks, I'll be able to correctlyplay G, C, D, Em and Am chords and switch smoothlybetween them."

2. Make a Plan: Decide how much time you can dedicateto practice every week. Maybe it's only 30 minutes a week, or perhaps you can devote much more time. Whatever it is,write it down and keep a log of your practice sessions. Try topractice at consistent times, not whenever you get around to it. This will help you figure out the how to practice guitar in a way that is best tailored to your needs.

3. Keep it Simple: Narrow your focus on an select area or skill. Avoid flitting around, and FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS until youachieve your specific goal.

4. Get Started: There's no substitute for taking action! There are online lessons that can get you on your way right now. Whatever genre or style you're looking to get into, these instructors can guide your practice and help you make your goals a reality.

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Whatever the next step of your guitar journey is, you'll find the info you need to move forward, including lots of free video lessons covering beginner basics, blues,rock, country and much more, here at this great online resource that will guide you in how to practice guitar.

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