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Jamorama Review -Just How Good is the "Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit?"

Are you considering purchasing the Jamorama guitar lesson program? Below is my Jamorama review based a "real-world" evaluation of the program. The process I followed was to purchase the Jamorama product, test it out, and then decide if it was worth the money. This is the way all guitar learning products mentioned on this site are evaluated.

My goal is to provide you with unbiased, thorough information based on actual use of the product, not a bunch of hype or shallow statements.

Below are the findings from my Jamorama review.

Jamorama review of learn to play guitar

Jamorama Review Results

Name of Course or Program: Jamorama -The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit

Company: Jamorama by Rock Star Recipes

Format of Program: Download guitar lesson software with 2 ebooks plus integrated audio and video files

Description: 44 chapter guitar learning course with two .pdf ebooks (Beginner and Advanced) totalling 252 pages of material, 148 step-by-step video lessons, and 28 jam tracks.

Installation and Access: Single software download to your computer for offline access. Automaticac live updates when online.

Cost: $49.95 (one time fee)

Skill Level: Beginner and Intermediate

Overall Organization: The content is well structured. Jamorama starts with the basics and each lesson builds in a logical progression. It has a smooth flow that supports learning.

Quality of Content: Very good to excellent. The explanation of most topics is very clear, as well as the supporting graphics, which are of professional quality.

Ease of Use: Very user friendly, with easy navigation through the lessons. One excellent feature is that the lessons are installed with a single software download and audio and video files play direct from the lessons (early versions required fiddling around with individal files).

Use of Audio / Visual: Excellent. The lessons are supported by 148 video lessons, as well as 28 jam tracks you can play along with.

Technical Support: email support

Guarantee: 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

Overall Evaluation: This is an excellent introduction to learning to play the guitar. Perfect for a beginner, and also useful for the intermediate level. The key finding of the Jamorama review is that it is a well thought out program that really hangs together in a systematic way, and it’s easy to follow. The content is strong, explanations are clear, and the graphics and layout are professional. The video lessons are of high quality: they show the right and left hands simultaneously, and also a fretboard diagram to show the left hand finger positions. If anyone were to follow this course and practice the material regularly, they would develop a pretty solid intermediate guitar playing foundation.

Comments: Going into my Jamorama review process, I quickly figured out that not only is this course good for beginners, but also for intermediates. Even though I know a lot of intermediate stuff including Barre chords, some scales, and a fair amount of basic music theory as it relates to the fretboard, I found content that is very useful to me to "fill in the gaps" in my skills. For example, I found the material on strumming patterns to be really useful, and I plan to use this.

Jamorama is software download- I liked this as I was able to get to the lessons right away with no time wasted waiting for materials to arrive.

Another useful aspect that this is essentially an "on-demand" guitar course...meaning you can learn at your own pace and when you are able. This is a good fit for busy lifestyles or who travel and can't always make a weekly lesson with an instructor.

Bonus Included: Jamorama comes with some great bonuses that truly make it a "learning kit":

• GuitEarIt! - Ear training game to develop sense of pitch and tone
• Jayde Musica Pro - software that teaches you how to read music simply
• Guitar Tuner Pro – Tuning software plus ebook on 'How to Tune your Guitar'
• The Jamorama Metronome- software to aid practice and develop timing
• 30 day access to SongPond – Video lessons taught by professional music instructors to guide you to play songs from a big range of artists including: The Eagles, Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin, Jack Johnson, Pink Floyd, Metallica, AC/DC, Oasis, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and many more.

All of these are useful tools to help a beginning guitarist learn properly and faster, and add a lot of value to Jamorama. I think the SongPond access alone may be worth the cost of the entire package.

Bottom Line

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised and very impressed by the quality of this product. In fact Jamorama is a product that lives up to its billing, and is actually a great method to learn how to play, at a reasonable cost. I discovered early in my Jamorama review that it is definitely designed for both the beginner and intermediate guitarist, and that it is very thorough in providing everything the new guitarist needs, and in elminating the problems and traps that are common to beginners.

At $49.95 it's a real bargain when you consider that it easily has a year's worth of weekly lessons, each of which could cost you $25-50 with a private instructor. Since you can get a full refund within 8 weeks, there really isn't any financial risk here. You can buy this course with confidence.

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