Jimi Hendrix

by Rick

Jimi Hendrix (The Guitar God)

Jimi Hendrix (The Guitar God)

He was by far the most influential of all guitar players. In his four years of fame he did more, better stuff than anyone ever did. He also had a lot of cool tricks, like playing with his teeth, but the reason he's the best is because he could write some awesome pieces of music and then play them even better. He had so much color and soul in his songs. He knew how to make the notes fit together perfectly and was very precise, yet he wasn't afraid to experiment, meaning he could come up with some really amazing and original stuff. He did things no had ever done before him, like Van Halen, far beyand his time, probably from his experiments. Just listen to him, then listen to other music of that time. Seriously just listen to Voodoo Child or All Along the Watchtower.

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