Jimmy Page

by Gdawg

While some might complain that Page hasn't performed or recorded much in the last 25 years, the Man paved the way for what rock music could be in it's power, dynamics, range and tone. You can say that Hendrix was a more electrifying Performer; that Eddie Van Halen or Jeff Beck are superior Technicians, and that Dylan was a more accomplished Songwriter, but what sets Page apart is that he was great at All Those Things...and More! He is a great producer - probably recording the first heavy guitar sound, while still making Led Zeppelin musically and aurally complex. His riffs are learned, copied and re-written by rock bands worldwide. Page's riffs set the template for how bands would be structured from the 70's onward, away from the melodic and harmonic centric songwriting of the great singing groups (The Beatles, The Hollies, The Beach Boys), and into a power-blues-derived format. And his solos are some of the most memorable ever. Jimmy led Led Zeppelin into unparalleled success, forever capturing the imaginations of music fans generation after generation.

He epitomized an era where musicians left it all onstage. Jimmy Page is, was and always will be Rock and Roll.

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