John J Kirby III aka: "TheFiddlah"

by Robert J. Thomas Jr.
(New York, NY)

Recently I was given the assignment to review literally thousands of masterful six string artists across the globe via online to help our production team find the "Greatest Guitarist" of all time. Of course with a team behind me, we went to work diligently and dug in every corner of the globe, visiting hundreds of online social networks as well as personal websites for the past several months. We scoured websites such as "ReverbNation", "Bandmix", "BandAmp" and of course the largest resource website, "YouTube". After reviewing our top 100 picks, the task became much more difficult because of the simple fact that the amount of incredible talent
to be found is enormous. Myself and the several scouts from "Robert Thomas Talent LLC." decided on one guitarist who stood pillars above all the rest, John J Kirby III.
John has mastered the guitar beyond comprehension. John's sound on the fretboard is unlike any other guitarist in the world. He owns the touch of a God when he plays. His extremely melodic technique can be compared to a combination of other masters like Satriani, Vai, Jeff Beck with a hint of Segovia. One cannot deny when they hear John's extreme passion on the guitar why he is our choice to be named "The Greatest Guitarist of All Time".
John is currently working on his second "instrumental" CD which is set to be released in February 2011 and you can listen to a few of John's compositions on YouTube, where he goes by the appropriate pseudonym "TheFiddlah". One of John's latest performances "No Mistake" really blew us away! We want to congratulate John by awarding him this prestigious and most certainly deserved designation! You may watch and especially "listen" to John J Kirby III below.

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Jun 02, 2015
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Mar 28, 2011
Best Guitarist
by: Scott Nowland

I don't know how many times I have told Jouhn in my opinion that he is the best guitarist that no body knows about...I knew this the first time I heard him play in person...I am I huge rock fan and love everything from Little Richard, Hendrix, Iomi, Vanhalen, Clapton and to Dimebag....John is up there with them...He knows that...But he is not the type of guy to be a flashy rock star....Hopefully now John will get the reconition that he deserv es...after all he's been though his whole life...Good luck John...

one of yer best buds and brothah

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