Lead Guitar Lesson

Improve Your Lead Playing by Changing Register

This lead guitar lesson applies if you have learned some scales and chords...then you are ready to play lead guitar. But you can't let your playing sound like all you've done is learn those few scales.

At worst it sounds like you're just going to from start to end and back with the scale, better if you've memorized some nice licks, but in the end you aren't sounding as smooth and confident as you could.

This is an exercise that will let you take the first step to playing better leads. It gets you comfortable moving up and down the neck quickly and smoothly, playing in different registered. No matter how good your licks are they're going to sound predictable if you just stay in one place on the neck.

The exercise I'm giving you can be a powerful way to get your fingers used to moving up and down the neck. Practice it, making sure to pay attention to your fingering. Note: the fingering is shown in the numbering under the tab. Wherever you are on the neck you need to know that the notes you hit are going to sound great over the chords and key that are being played. How do you get that confidence? An especially important question once you start playing across the different registers your guitar neck has to offer.

What every guitar player needs to do is get a concept of how the notes they are playing fit in with the key they are playing in and the chords they are ripping over. In the exercise above the root notes have been highlighted. When you play through it, you start and end on a G-note. Think about the G-notes you play through as you practice the exercise.

Start slow and work at it until you can play this exercise quickly. Try playing with a metronome to improve your rhythm. Good luck!

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