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Learn and Master Guitar Review

Based on Facts and Real Owner Feedback, not Hype

This is not your typical Learn and Master Guitar review. Although it will give you useful information, I’m not actually going to give you my personal opinion or recommendation on this course. Why?

Over the past couple of years, dozens, if not hundreds, of fake guitar lesson “review sites” have sprung up that tout Learn and Master Guitar

Learn and Master Guitar

as the best thing since sliced bread. They all sound the same and all reach the same conclusion.

In most Learn and Master Guitar reviews, it's apparent that the ”reviewer” doesn’t know the first thing about playing guitar, probably never used the product, and the site was set up only to capitalize on the opportunity to get an affiliate commission. There is no other useful content on these most of these "review sites", just a thinly veiled attempt to get you click on the link and buy.

When I started Guitar Players Toolbox five years ago, I adopted the policy that I would provide only useful, valuable content to help people learn to play guitar. To that end , any product reviews I've done have been based on actually owning and using the product. I've tried my best to provide an unbiased, realistic commentary with some real, useful insights.

Over time, I've seen dozens of these copy cats claiming to be "unbiased" and using all the right words, but mostly they are fakers. Because of this flood of fake reviews, it’s no longer possible to tell one “unbiased” review from another. There is no credibility in these so-called product reviews.

So, to insure that this Learn and Master Guitar review is completely unbiased, I’m going to provide you with just two types of information so you can draw your own conclusion: 1.) facts on what the course is and what it has (features) , and 2.) verbatim feedback from people who have actually used the product to learn guitar (owner feedback). Rather than provide my personal opinion or recommendations pro or con, which could be viewed as potential biased, I'll let the facts speak for themselves.

This way you can form your own opinion based on facts and real customer feedback, not on the BS and hype found in the all the “unbiased” Learn and Master Guitar review sites littering the internet.

What is it? Learn and Master Guitar Facts and Features

Learn and Master Guitar video instruction

First, what is Learn and Master Guitar, and what do get with it? Based on information from the Learn and Master website, and my own personal copy of the course, here is a description:

Content and Features:

  • Comprehensive multi-media step-by-step instructional home study course
  • Instructor is Steve Krenz, a professional guitar player and teacher
  • Applicable to all styles including acoustic, rock, blues, fingerstyle, jazz, and country
  • Designed for novice, beginner, and intermediate guitarists
  • 20 professionally produced DVDs, 5 Jam-along CDs, and 100+ page lesson book
  • Free online student support site and community
  • Award-winning music education package (Telly Award)
  • 60 day 100% money-back guarantee

Awards Won

Awards by legitimate third party organizations are another good way to judge a product. Learn and Master Guitar has won:

  • 2008 Telly Award winner in two categories: Education and Use of Music
  • 2008 Acoustic Guitar Magazine Players' Choice Awards
  • AEGIS Award for Excellence in Education

Enough said on what it is, what you get, and third party awards. Visit the Learn and Master Guitar website for more info.

Real Owner Feedback: What Customers Think

Learn and Master Guitar Steve Krenz

What do people who have used it to learn to play guitar think about it? Nothing I or anyone else can say in a Learn and Master Guitar review is as credible as the real-world feedback from people like you that have used it to learn to play guitar.

So straight from the horse's mouth, here's the experience of actual customers of this product. This type of feedback is the only truly unbiased Learn and Master Guitar review:

“I have this course and it's awesome. I've made my living in the music business as a songwriter who writes mainly on guitar. I never realized how much I could still learn until Steve Krenz opened my eyes to his system”. -- Morgan

“I own and use the Learn & Master Guitar course everyday. I have gone from total ignorance to really playing guitar in just few months. I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to learn the guitar. It is worth every penny. The book is filled with useful information and songs. The videos walk you through new material then challenge you in the Workshop section. The Jam Along CD's get you playing with a real band. There is a lot of support on the Learn & Master Guitar forum from other students. All you need to do is provide the guitar and the effort. What more can I say? Learn & Master Guitar is a great course.” -- Randy

“I've been using the course for over a year and find that it is thorough and laid out in a way that maximizes the learning process. The folks in the forum are eager to help anyone with a problem. You get a sense of family there. I'm currently half way through the course starting to learn fingerstyle and am already playing some Bluegrass Fiddle tunes at full speed (flatpicking). This course provides all of tools you need to really master the guitar both acoustic and electric. The only thing left to do is the work.” -- Stargazer

“After 30yrs of computers I dug my old guitar out of the closet and started looking for a teacher. I picked up a number of Learn Blues, Learn Beginning Guitar DVD's out of the library and sure they could teach me a couple of licks that I'd sound ok in the guitar store but I wouldn't learn how to play. I hummed and hawed at the Learn and Master Guitar because of the price... TRUST ME.... I'm glad I bought it money well spent. And I can keep the DVD's with me till I die. Although only in session 4 & 5 of 20 sessions I'm becoming better a guitarist all the time. I've chatted with some that have finished the course on the forum for the last 2yrs and I can say they play great... one of the members did a great job on SRV's Lenny... I hope to get there some day. I'm not an affiliate, I don't get money from them.. Just a beginner guitarist that stands behind Steve's course.” -- John

“I just started this course. It is TRULY VERY good. The forum access that comes along with purchase is the best. This is the real deal. I looked a long time before selecting this product. I made the right choice! Thanks you Steve for everything!” -- Eric

“Learn & Master Guitar is an incredible way to learn the guitar in the privacy of your own home at your own convenience. The DVDs show you the correct way to perform the skills taught in each Session (20 in all) which cover a broad range of topics from learning notation, picking melodies, open and barre chords, fingerstyle, pentatonic scales, strumming, blues, jazz, power chords for rock, soloing, and more. In addition to learning how to play the guitar, you will learn the essentials of music theory including scales, key signatures, intervals, and chord progressions/harmonic analysis to help you understand the "whys" behind music. And the Jam-Along CDs are an enjoyable way to feel like you are actually playing in a band. The online forum will aid in answering any questions you may have and keeps you in touch with other LMG students world-wide. Students also have the option of uploading video and/or audio files, and it's great to see and hear the progress of fellow students! After having a couple of not-so-great private teachers, I wanted to find a teacher with at least the same level of musical knowledge as me (I have a music degree) as well as have the lessons fit conveniently into my schedule. This course EXCEEDED my expectations!.” – Cindy

“I originally had a music teacher at $50.00 hr, who was only interested in his own music type playing and did not bring anything of value to the sessions each week..Chords, chords and more chords only.Yes,I have had a great teacher several years ago but they are hard to find. I researched this course thoroughly and compared it against many others. It has the best video, easy to understand lessons, books and most of all on line support like others have said is just "like family". I would be sure to only buy it while it is on sale not the regular price. It is a great package that seems like the teacher is with you in house. I have had several questions and had great help and responses from many including Steve Krenz.” – Ron

“I started the LMG program a year ago now. I've learned more about the guitar, and how music works in that time then the many years of starting and stopping in frustration. The DVD's, Jam along cd's, and workbooks work together great. The actual layout of how the lessons build on the previous makes great for the true beginner to more advanced players. Then as a kicker, the support forum helpful as it gets.” Tim

“I have finished this course after almost 2 and a half years with it. As an adult with a busy schedule I found working at my own pace and knowing I always have Steve on the DVD's for me whenever I needed, has greatly increased my guitar playing ability and musical understanding. The discussion forum has been the most pleasant unexpected experience I have had here as well as everyone (including Steve who is active there) is helpful and you get to know others also learning guitar on an almost personal level. We even have a "gathering" in Nashville (2 so far counting this year) to have workshops with Steve and many other artists (some are very well known) that Steve has had contact with over the years of his experience. I don't have aspirations to be a professional guitarist, just to be a more accomplished guitarist and the course has definitely done that for me! One of the best experiences of my lifetime! I continue to be on the board there because I feel a sense of belonging or a Steve says "family." I also continue to learn there even after finishing the course! I am not an affiliate, just a very happy consumer and amateur guitarist.” -- John

Note: the above quotes are from people who have used this guitar instruction course, and are the purest form of Learn and Master Guitar review available. Click here for more owner feedback and testimonials.

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Learn and Master Guitar DVD package

Learn and Master Guitar review

Disclosure: we may receive compensation from the owners of products reviewed here, if you click on a link and buy. This does not affect the price you pay, and helps us off-set website costs. Be assured we only recommend products we believe offer good value based our objective evaluation.

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