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Learn Guitar Fast and Easy Review

Can Jerry Wyatt Really Help You Learn Lead Guitar " Fast and Easy" ?

Learn Guitar Fast and Easy Review

Can you really learn to play guitar fast and easy with the “Root Monkey” and "Look Mom, No Guitar"?

Picture this situation: you're jamming with friends, it's your turn to play some lead guitar, and you know you have the right scale memorized for the key and the vibe of the jam. But what you're playing just doesn't sound good enough. You don't have confidence and you don't know how to work all the cool licks you've learned into a solo.

Well-known guitar instructor Jerry Wyatt has tailor-made his lessons for guitar players that want to play lead but don't know how to make sense of it. This one caught my attention as a different approach, so I decided to get a membership test drive the Learn Guitar Fast and Easy course and let you know what I found out.

Learn Guitar Fast and Easy

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Description and Format:

“Learn Guitar Fast and Easy” is a guitar learning course consisting of a series of video lessons by instructor Jerry Wyatt. Members get password-protected access to:

  • Weekly video lessons - released over a 24 week period
  • Supporting lesson guide / blueprint in printable PDF format.
  • Members forum with Q&A
  • Full access to and support from Jerry


There is a free membership that gives you access to the “The Bridge” mini-course (over 2 hrs. of video lessons). A trial subscription is available for $4.95 for the first two weeks. Full membership is $27 per month, with the lessons released over a six month period.

Skill Level:

The course is aimed at beginners and intermediate players. It is structured so that a novice could use this course to start learning (especially with the free mini-course). Most of the material in the course is especially well-suited for beginners or advanced beginners who want to take some basic knowledge of chords and scales to learn to play fluid and intuitive lead guitar.

Overall Evaluation:

Having personally reviewed numerous guitar learning courses over the past 5 years, I can tell you that this course takes a unique approach. It is much more practically oriented towards fast results, and easy to remember learning techniques.

This course is ideally suited for the player who has been learning guitar for some time but feels like their lead playing skills are not growing like they should be. This goes double for any person who has memorized the scales but when it comes time to play, your leads sound like you've done that and nothing else.

The course is all about making sense of and moving smoothly along your guitar neck and learning to play well over chords and keys you're soloing over. Jerry does this without getting bogged down in music theory.

Instead he teaches the shapes, patterns, and techniques you must know to work all the cool licks he shows you into your lead playing, and most importantly he builds on what you already know to maximize your playing.

Another interesting aspect to this course is that it uses a number of memorable learning techniques such as “The Root Monkey” or “Look Mom No Guitar” to make it easier to grasp the key concepts and retain them. No boring music theory here, it’s very practical info.

Learn more about Jerry Wyatt's guitar home study course here.


  • Jerry has a great Southern-boy personality. He comes across as a cool and down-to-earth guy. If you like him, you'll love taking lessons from him.
  • Makes everything he teaches easy to practice and remember.
  • Builds on what you already know, very practical information.
  • The course is well structured and designed to get you playing at your best.
  • Skips the music theory, and is a good way to short-cut that aspect
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back


  • If you skip videos you will get lost.
  • Some videos are a bit rough and seem to be done in one take.
  • Videos are released over time. If you need to have all the videos at once this course is not for you.
  • Skips the music theory. You know if this is a pro or a con for you.

Comments and Recommendations:

Learn Guitar Fast and Easy is truly a unique entry into the crowded guitar course market. It’s safe to say that no online instructor comes close to Jerry’s combination of easy to grasp lessons and engaging personality as a teacher. Direct access to Jerry for questions as part of the membership is a big plus…I think the guy would go out of his way to personally help his students.

You can check him and his lessons out by signing up for the free "The Bridge" mini-course. Of these free videos "Look Mom... No Guitar!" and "The 123-234 Twist" will give you the best idea of what the lessons are like in the full-blown course. Jerry also offers you a great deal on the trial period: only $4.95 for two weeks.

If you already have some basic skills under your belt, and want to learn to play lead, take a look at this one. It's especially good for the self-taught guitarist to give you a better framework. You can't go wrong by taking advantage of the free lessons, and then you can go from there.

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