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Do you want to learn lead guitar, or improve your current soloing skills? I recently bought a copy of a home study guitar course to help me improve my own playing, the Jamorama Lead Guitar learning kit. I’ve been impressed with the earlier Jamorama products for learning basic/rhythm guitar and acoustic guitar, and wanted to personally use and evaluate their lead guitar offering and share my findings.

Overall, I’m favorably impressed with Jamorama Lead Guitar as a cost-effective way to systematically learn lead guitar and create your own solos. If you already have some basic lead skills, it’s also a good way to bring more structure to what you know, and become a better player. To get the most benefit, you should already have some basic guitar skills under your belt, whether through self-study, lessons, or a basic intro course like the original Jamorama rhythm guitar course.

You can read my full review below, or click here to go direct to the Jamorama Lead Guitar site.

What You Get: This is a complete system for learning to play lead guitar that you download to your PC hard drive. The foundation is a 102 page book that presents the material in 11 chapters that progressively build up your skills. The lessons are well written, and visually presented using high quality neck diagrams and tabulature. The lessons in the book are supported by 43 split-screen video demos, 30 jam tracks (with lead guitar part, and with lead muted), and 6 “Lick Lessons” in which the instructor talks through and demonstrates key lessons. In addition, there are some bonus software packages and guitar ebooks included.

What’s Covered: This comprehensive lead guitar course covers: scales and fretboard patterns in various positions; how to play various pentatonic and minor scales; specific lead techniques (hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, bends, vibrato, lead runs, etc.); how to apply the techniques to various musical styles (rock, blues, country, folk, jazz, etc.) using actual jam tracks; playing over chord progressions; using musical motifs; and how to bring it all together.

Lesson Format: The material is presented in manageable chunks that you can work through at your own pace. Each lesson includes the specific learning objective; relevant basic music theory; how to perform the specific tools / techniques to be learned; related video lessons; an opportunity to practice those skills in context with jam tracks; and then a apply your own creativity. This format is a very effective way to master each chapter before moving on.

Strengths: The course is self-paced, so you can move along as your time and talent permit. It’s a well-organized, logical system that progressively advances skills. The content is clearly presented, with good attention to detail and high quality graphics and video lessons. The theory and tools are brought to life with the jam tracks with tabbed lessons to practice with. Jamorama Lead has a reasonably low price point, and is offered risk-free with an 60 day unconditional money back guarantee.

Weaknesses: The course materials need to be download to a PC, and to some extent you need to be near your PC to view video lessons and use jam tracks (unless you transfer them to DVD / CD and view on a TV screen). The book should be printed out and put in a binder. This package requires some prior knowledge of basic guitar playing such as open chords, main fretboard notes, and the basics of reading tab. Although it does a great job teaching and applying lead techniques and styles, the lessons don’t include any popular commercial songs, just the generic musical styles of the jam tracks.

Recommendation: As long as you have some basic guitar playing skills, Jamorama Lead is a great way to learn lead guitar. It is a high quality, well-thought out package. Any reasonable effort to work through the material and practice should yield good results. This is a cost- effective way to establish a good foundation of lead guitar skills, or to build on what you already have.

Try It Risk Free: Jamorama Lead Guitar is backed by a 60 day, 100% money-back guarantee through ClickBank. If you don’t like it for any reason, you can get a full refund right away. Since the refund rate for Jamorama products is very low (in the range of 3-4%), it’s pretty unlikely you’ll be dissatisfied, but it’s still nice to know the 100% money-back guarantee is available to you for a full 60 day period.

Click here to learn lead guitar with the Jamorama Lead Guitar kit, risk-free

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