by EJ
(New York)

People, there is no "greatest guitar player of all time". There are so many great guitar players and they all have different styles and techniques and sounds that make them unique. I used to think Hendrix was the best of all time, but even he said he believed he was "the best guitar player sitting in this chair". He constantly denied that he was the "greatest". Now I understand why. I think Hendrix was unbelievable, and if you've ever listened to him or watched him play, you probably agree. But I have witnessed many other great guitarists, some of the relatively unknown. Many of them have blown me away with their virtuosity. And I am including guitarists in all types of genres. So there really is no "greatest guitar player of all time". Why do we always have to try to categorize everything from God to Guitarists, define and put everything in neat little boxes? It's ridiculous. Hope I didn't spoil the party.

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